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Orford’s Raspins Beach on Tasmania’s East Coast is an iconic point for visitors passing through, looking for a beautiful scenic background to photograph. Travellers can enjoy a break on the beach with all the amenities provided to refresh and recuperate.

In recent years, Raspins Beach has won the Keep Australia Beautiful Clean Beaches Award and the Clean Beaches National Title. The beach was judged on its community action, litter prevention methods and waste management. Their environmental, water conservation and energy innovations were also considered.

The award-winning beach has upgraded their beach access, installing a Replas Enduroplankâ„¢ to further improve the viewing area for visitors. Replas was a perfect fit for the area, given their passion for the environment and sustainability aligned.


Jacques Point is a popular surfing beach in Kalbarri NSW with beautiful white sand. Close to the Murchison River and Kalbarri National Park, a visit to the area is full of water activities for the whole family.

In 2011 the Board Riders Club of Kalbarri decided to install Enduroplank™ to help stabilise the eroding dune system and improve access to the iconic surf breaks. The decking has been tested over the years, enduring all the elements and surfing visitors. An affordable, slip-resistant product, the Enduroplank™ has withstood the test of time, consistently improving beach access for all. 


On the Lower North Shore of Sydney, NSW, lies the leafy suburb Lane Cove. The Lane Cove Country Club has installed Replas signage at each green to advice patrons of the distance to the next putting green. Golfers can now enjoy a relaxed day on the greens with helpful signage leading the way.

More and more organisations are putting their faith in our products for their low-maintenance and leading technology. Replas signage is a terrific customised way to display information and is available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs.


The Big Rock is a famous petrol station, owned by Outdoor Education, a charity organisation which runs Bushcamps for Australian Youth. The Rock houses ‘The Pieman’, an award winning 24 hour pie shop and service station which brings many eager tourists to its doors.

Originally built by the Leyland Brothers, Replas has joined the famous location, having installed wheel stops in the carpark. Recycled-plastic wheel stops a tough, non-traditional alternative to concrete stops.


The Brolga Bollard recently took on a new challenge, supporting a car park barrier post. Especially designed in our Replas Queensland manufacturing plant the barriers are tough and long-lasting. The rail, an 8 meter width made of composite fibre, is confidently held by the bollards.

This material is extremely lightweight in comparison to other traditional materials, meaning easy handling and installation by one person. Extremely low-maintenance, the barrier is painted a bright yellow, ensuring visibility and safety for drivers.


Recycled-plastic is the new trend for Parkes Shire Council in Sydney’s south-west. Surrounding this beautiful central lake at Cheney Park is an abundance of recycled-plastic!

What view is complete without a great place to view it from? There are plenty of benches and picnic settings for visitors to sit on, with a range of colour options which offer a high UV resistance, the longevity of the outdoor furniture is ensured. For picnic lovers, many recycled-plastic litter bins are around to keep the area clean.

The Post and Rail Fence is a great boundary and a cost effective alternative to traditional timber. Standing alongside the Replas signage, enduring all weather. All of the products are low-maintenance and are terrific sustainable solutions. This wonderful park is set up for years to come, thanks to Replas!


The Queensland Government and the Charters Towers Regional Council recently completed a joint initiative, the Towers Hill Walking Track. In June 2014 the walking track was built to connect the Charters Towers City to the iconic towers hill, featuring an 800 metre path and a recycled-plastic boardwalk. A covered area, seating, solar lighting and drinking fountains completed the functional plans.

The features on the track reflect the councils commitment to environmental and financial sustainability within the local community. The recycled-plastic and other low-maintenance materials combined with climate appropriate vegetation has created a versatile, environmentally friendly track for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.


Daintree National Park is a tropical area of wilderness, home to many popular walks in North Queensland. The Dubuji Boardwalk in particular is a cool, coastal mangrove swamp adjacent to the coast of Myall Beach, south of Cape Tribulation. 

The boardwalk is shaded by enormous fan palms, strangler figs and vines, a peaceful area home to various diverse plants and animals. Incredibly well signposted, the walk is a safe, terrific means to discover the tropical oasis and mangrove within. Absorbing the mangroves adaption to salt water and the ecosystem it supports is a complex discovery on the charming walk. 

This Replas boardwalk is designed to last, providing hard-wearing, maintenance-free materials to go the distance. The Enduroplank™ recycled-plastic decking is slip resistant, ensuring an easy walk for all visitors. The decking represents the latest in technology, offering an ethical alternative to traditional timber and is right at home in this beautiful park. 




The CFA Training College in Bangholme, Vic often holds training sessions for 40-60 fire fighters and the two existing timber picnic tables just weren’t sufficient for groups of this size. The annual maintenance was also something these busy volunteers just didn’t have the time for.

Now the outdoor area features five recycled-plastic picnic settings and a Big Bench which can comfortably accommodate our brave fireys. According to Craig Aiton, P.A.D Operator at the college, ‘The new Replas product only requires wiping down and will not fade and lose its colour even though it spends 24 hours a day in the weather’.