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The CFA Training College in Bangholme, Vic often holds training sessions for 40-60 fire fighters and the two existing timber picnic tables just weren’t sufficient for groups of this size. The annual maintenance was also something these busy volunteers just didn’t have the time for.

Now the outdoor area features five recycled-plastic picnic settings and a Big Bench which can comfortably accommodate our brave fireys. According to Craig Aiton, P.A.D Operator at the college, ‘The new Replas product only requires wiping down and will not fade and lose its colour even though it spends 24 hours a day in the weather’.



Moreton Bay is made up of stunning blue waters, whether you’re after relaxation or adrenalin, the area has something for everyone. The paradise is well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, a popular spot to holiday.

On occasion the popular beach was inaccessible due to wind sand erosion leaving a drop off from the adjacent pathway. Moreton Bay Regional Council recently found a solution, installing a new beach access leading to the Moreton Bay aquatic playground. Replas Enduroplank™ Beach Access has ensured residents and visitors can have access to the beach all year round.

The slip resistant material is hard-wearing and particularly suitable for the marine environment. The material refuses to corrode, even when submerged, remaining sturdy and lasting for years to come.


Replas pickets were put through their paces at Wade Park in Orange NSW when council tested them against other options for a new picket fence. Throwing cricket balls against the samples soon dismissed two candidates. A metal picket suffered denting and paint chips while a PVC model smashed on impact. In contrast the plastic picket stood up to the test and passed with flying colours.

'The recycle plastic pickets look brilliant, are able to withstand the punishment that cricketers inflict on fencing and the fence elevates the appearance of Wade Park to a premier playing facility for Central West NSW. Council has received positive feedback from users of the facility.’ Nigel Hobden, Manager City Presentation, Orange City Council.


The perfect solution for a beach side location is a Beach Access made of Enduroplank™. The affordable products slip resistance is a terrific benefit for any harsh saline environment. Carlton Beach is a popular summer surfing beach, located 40 km east of Hobart. The beach recently had an Enduroplank™ recycled-plastic decking installed.

The hard-wearing material encompasses the latest technology. A sturdy, long-lasting and maintenance-free material, it provides an alternative to the traditional timber. It’s particularly at home in marine based environments, as salt water won’t corrode the material.

Surfers can easily make their way to this beautiful beach to enjoy the southerly swells of the bay, thanks to the new slip resistant Enduroplank™.


When you buy a new home it can be hard to afford extras like gym memberships, but who needs to go to the gym when you can work out on fitness equipment right outside your door? Residential developers such as Australand and Stockland are creating open spaces that promote healthy lifestyles. Incorporating recycled-plastic Fitness Trails® into the landscape provides residents with an ideal way to keep fit on equipment that will provide worry free use for many years to come.

The small township of Tooradin is a busy stopping point for those travelling between Melbourne and Phillip Island. Thanks to the Tooradin Foreshore Committee, in conjunction with the City of Casey, the park along the foreshore has received an amazing furniture upgrade that will stand the test of time.

Old rotting timber picnic settings were struggling with the coastal conditions. Now, over 20 new recycled plastic settings have not only given the area a facelift, but also provided a virtually maintenance-free solution for this scenic setting.

Ross Wilkie Secretary of the Jetty foreshore committee said, ‘Wooden furniture in Tooradin has a very short life expectancy and the maintenance upkeep is costly, the foreshore committee had no hesitation when deciding on the quality Replas recycled range of furniture’.




Rottnest Island Authority in WA have partnered with the Rottnest Foundation to create a 50 kilometre network of trails that will facilitate public access on the island while also minimising the pressures of tourism on the natural environment.
Exposure to the elements is the first thing that land managers on Rottnest consider when choosing materials; this is why recycled plastics are a material of choice on the trail network.

Rottnest Walk Trail Coordinator, Eilidh Graham, said, ‘Replas track markers are being utilised for way finding along the trail. They are easily routed to allow for artwork attachment and although highly visible, are not detrimental to the vistas along the trail. Bench seats blend nicely into the surrounding environment and Replas garden panels have proven to be a good choice for the restoration of the stairs between the Oliver Hill Guns’.

'The West End boardwalk is as robust and presentable as it was when the last screw went in back in 2011!’ Eilidh Graham, Rottnest Walk Trail Coordinator, Rottnest Island Authority.

The Rottnest Island Authority are now looking at other areas of the Island that similar materials can be used to create safe, sustainable and low maintenance access ways to the Islands bays along the remaining sections of the Wadjemup Walk Trail.


Specialist training services company Wood Group M&O delivers courses in safety, medical and fire fighting. The company is based at the heart of the New Zealand oil and gas industry in New Plymouth, and their marine training centre is a busy place.

To provide student seating within the area of active training, the company decided that Replas recycled-plastic Lyrebird benches would best serve their needs.

Marine Training Centre Team Leader Liz Smith said the benches were a terrific fit for the area. “These benches are great for the damp environment in our marine training centre. They are sturdy enough to accommodate several students at a time, and are easily moved around when needed,” she said.

Made of recycled-plastic diverted from the landfill, Wood Group M&O’s have installed new seats which will benefit the centre for decades. Not only that, they’re maintenance-free, saving money and time for all involved.


With spring grass growth upon them, local authorities are flat out mowing their parks and reserves. In Lower Hutt, a city in the Wellington Region of the North Island of New Zealand, the council is safeguarding its young trees by having its contractors use Replas recycled-plastic tree guards. These tree guards are easily installed using the special turf cutter as seen employed below.

For this Hutt Valley crew, it is but a ten minute job to place this simple but effective tree protection that will remain in place for as long as deemed necessary. Once the tree outgrows the need for protection, it's simply a matter of unbolting the stainless steel bracket for reuse of the long-lasting rings time and again.  


Replas has the technology to recycle car bumper bars that are considered too damaged to re-condition. Mark Yates, Director of Research and Development, said,‘The material is quite good for our process, the residual paint works as a type of filler so nothing is wasted’.