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Loch Sport is a beach tourist town in Central Gippsland which swells to around 4,000 during the holiday seasons. With this number of tourist wanting to holiday at the beach it's important the area has the ultimate access to the beach. A Replas' floating deck has been installed at 90 Mile Beach to do just that. The deck makes it easier for those who are struggling on their feet to enjoy the stellar views of the popular beach.

Upon completion of the project an elderly gentleman was waiting with a surf rod to enter the beach. "My wife told me to go fishing and now I can", he said. It was the first time in years that the man had been on the beach. He headed down the deck with a smile on his face. People with mobility difficulties can now enjoy a simple pleasure which most of us take for granted.

The Loch Sport community now have a reliable entry point through the sand dunes to the magnificent 90 Mile beach and can enjoy the stunning views. The walkway was expertly installed by local tradespersons from Enduroplank who laid recycled-plastic joists directly on the sand. 

609,000 plastic bags saved

A new and exciting beach access is currently being installed at North Narrabeen on the northern beaches of Sydney. The new point will ensure easy access for residents and visitors from the Surf Club to the beach.

Enduroplank™ is a perfect decking for the area, due to its ability to withstand the harsh salt water. It's an ethical alternative to timber, which is promised to remain maintenance-free and long-lasting. Not only will the material not corrode, even when submerged in salt water, it also refuses to split, rot, crack or need painting.

Each 3 metre length of Enduroplank™ is equivalent to 4350 plastic bags. Once the project is completed a total of 609,000 plastic bags will have been saved from landfill. What an excellent recycling achievement! You simply can't go wrong with a stunning, easily installed Enduroplank™ beach access.


Safety of children ensured at Sanctuary Lakes Resort

Sanctuary Lakes Resort is a housing estate in Point Cook known for its resort style living and community values.

The resort is home to several Replas' products, including their latest and greatest, a path taking residents from the road to the playground.

The previously existing path was a concrete slab, which didn't suit the modern area and had a potential tripping hazard.

In an area filled with children, it was important to find a suitable alternative with maximum safety.

Greg Fryer, Resort maintenance manager, said the Replas' Floating Deck was the perfect solution.

The Enduroplank™ as a recycled-plastic decking offers a maintenance-free asset which will exist at the resort for years and years to come.

Enduroplank™ comes out on top

Nambucca Shire Council, in NSW, required a strong, durable pedestrian deck to be installed next to an existing road bridge. An existing timber and bitumen surface had deteriorated due to floods that had gone over the bridge seven times in five years. The surface was refurbished by laying an Enduroplank™ floating deck over the top. This provided the perfect solution and will easily cope with any future flood waters.


Making access easy


A new boardwalk on the North Cronulla Heritage Dune access track in NSW is made entirely from recycled plastic collected through the community. The boardwalk is part of a plan by Sutherland Shire Council to provide a pedestrian link from Wanda Reserve, Cronulla, to the proposed recreational facility in Kurnell and will link the existing access track to a proposed footpath on Lindum Road, providing the community with an asset they can truly feel proud of.

Life’s a beach

Nambucca Shire Council wanted to provide easier access to a viewing platform located up a steep slope at Shelly Beach, Northern NSW. Recycled plastic Enduroplank™ was used to create 30 m of board and chain beach access and 40 m of floating deck. Jacqui Ashby, Environmental Resource Officer at the council said they, ‘wanted a harder wearing product that had a more sustainable tick’. Locals and tourists report it is much easier to walk up the solid path rather than soft sand and as an added bonus they can take a rest on a recycled-plastic bench once they get there. Beach access prevents sand erosion ‘Cheap pine does not stand up against heavy pedestrian traffic over time.’ Jacqui Ashby, Environmental Resource Officer, Nambucca Shire Council.


Floating on the Brisbane River

Under construction in the picturesque Kholo Gardens, in Ipswich Queensland, is a new 70 metre floating deck which meanders its way through surrounding trees and over a small stream. The new pathway, made entirely from recycled plastic saved from landfill, is now just another reason to visit this idyllic haven on the banks of the Brisbane river.

Hit the deck this holidays

Heading to the Gold Coast these holidays? Why not check out the Gold Coast Caravan Park, not only is it located close to three of the major theme parks, but it also features a new 50 metre recycled plastic floating deck.
The caravan park needed a clean walkway to allow visitors to cross a grass area as when it rains it turns to mud underfoot. Having researched all the options Wayne Eaton, Manager at the caravan park said, ‘Doing the numbers this one bubbled to the top’.
The floating walkway complements the environment as it follows the natural contours of the ground. It was also quick and easy to install and will require minimal maintenance.


‘Our guests love it, & when they learn that it is made from approximately 45000 recycled milk containers it’s giving us wow factor in their eyes. This is a modern smart looking solution giving our park, I believe, a little X factor.’
Wayne Eaton, Manager, Gold Coast Caravan Park.

Brisbane Floats Recycled- Plastic Boardwalk

This original bitumen pathway in Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens had been damaged by the park's extensive tree root systems. The pathway needed constant maintenance and was losing it aesthetic appeal. As it had also become a safety hazard, Brisbane City Council decided to install a floating recycled- plastic boardwalk. The product is ideal for this environment as plastic boardwalk planking is flexible, and therefore allows for movement. The end result looks fantastic, will be around for visitors to enjoy for many years and most importantly preserves the root systems of the trees.



Australian First for Gold Coast

In an Australian first, the Gold Coast Council has installed Enduroplank™ decking as a floating platform over soft sand—specifically designed to give wheelchair access right to the water’s edge.

Various other types of products had been trialled by the council before choosing Enduroplank™’, but the solid grooved surface of the Enduroplank™ decking provided an ideal non-slip surface for wheelchair accessibility.

The decking was laid on top of the sand using recycled-plastic bearers to hold the planks in place.

There was no need for piers into the beach as the whole platform interlocks. In this situation it will have a life span of over forty years.

The council said they liked that the, ‘grey colour of the deck blends in with the natural colours surrounding it, making it non-obtrusive’.  It also doubles as a pedestrian beach access which is very easy to walk on and will not burn the soles of your feet.

The project consumed the equivalent of over 35,000 plastic two-litre milk containers and saved about 85 cubic metres of landfill. The council says they are happy that they, ‘can use a product that is not only efficient in its application, but practical and environmentally friendly’.