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Nambucca Shire Council wanted to provide easier access to a viewing platform located up a steep slope at Shelly Beach, Northern NSW. Recycled plastic Enduroplank™ was used to create 30 m of board and chain beach access and 40 m of floating deck. Jacqui Ashby, Environmental Resource Officer at the council said they, ‘wanted a harder wearing product that had a more sustainable tick’. Locals and tourists report it is much easier to walk up the solid path rather than soft sand and as an added bonus they can take a rest on a recycled-plastic bench once they get there. Beach access prevents sand erosion ‘Cheap pine does not stand up against heavy pedestrian traffic over time.’ Jacqui Ashby, Environmental Resource Officer, Nambucca Shire Council.


The 25 kilometre shared pathway along the new Peninsula Link, in Victoria, is one of the single biggest additions to Melbourne’s shared use path network since the EastLink Trail. The path will feature Replas Enduroplank™ decking on footbridges and over 42 directional signs throughout.

Installer Darren Shiels, from DFAB has gone to great lengths to ensure no debris made its way into the waterways that are home to the Dwarf Glaxias. This potentially threatened species of fish has suffered greatly from loss of habitat due to drainage of wetlands throughout Victoria. Darren was careful to collect all plastic trimmings from the site to help preserve the precious habitat of this dwindling species.

The plastic collected at the site will be made into a seat to be placed along the trail as a gift to the community.


Parks Victoria recently completed a 170 m long berthing area/boardwalk at Patterson River, Carrum, in Victoria. Recycled-plastic fenders, capping and decking were chosen with brown Enduroplankâ„¢ used for the decking. This thriving canal system is extremely popular for fishing with the car park filling up by 4.30 am. The new addition to this major boat launching facility will handle the traffic with ease and provide a long-lasting result.


The Launceston City Council in Tasmania, recently unveiled a new viewing deck on the Tamar River which features an Enduroplankâ„¢ recycled-plastic deck. Taking pride of place on the deck is a Beachcomber seat which was custom designed by Replas for the Lions Club of Riverside.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said, ‘Council officers wanted something that would be long-lasting durable. As a council we try to encourage the use of recyclables wherever possible, so this seat and decking were a perfect choice’.

In 2006 rangers on Fraser Island trialled using recycled-plastic decking to see how it would compare with timber when used for four wheel drive beach access. Over the last six years approximately 30,000 four wheel drive vehicles have travelled over the plastic and yet it is still the same as the day it went in. Among these vehicles are 18-tonne four wheel drive busses—at least 10 per day—proving just how tough the decking is. According to the rangers the timber sections that were installed at the same time have deteriorated and they have now made the decision to replace them with recycled plastic.

Over 2000 Enduroplankâ„¢ decking planks were loaded onto a truck heading for Magnetic Island just off Townsville, Queensland. This is the second major boardwalk built with Enduroplankâ„¢ on the island and will require 80 lineal metres of two-metre wide boardwalk to be installed on a 45 degree slope.

Townsville City Council purchased the first boardwalk in March 2008. A detailed comparative cost analysis revealed significant economic advantages of using composite and recycled materials over traditional ones and the project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule. Replas is very proud that many years later the council has once again chosen Enduroplankâ„¢ for this new boardwalk stretching from Nelly Bay to Arcadia

At a meeting designed to workshop elements of the new City Planning Scheme with residents, Townsville Councillor, Trevor Roberts, revealed the plans and artist’s impressions for the 710-metre engineered walkway to be constructed on Magnetic Island. The plans illustrate a boardwalk style walkway constructed of recycled-plastic decking boards with stainless steel balustrade and handrails. Cr Roberts said the walkway would be constructed in two sections. The first, from Geoffrey Bay towards Nelly Bay, will be 350 m long by 2.5 m wide leading to the first of two viewing platforms. Replas has already supplied the Enduroplank™ decking boards for this exciting project which will also be disabled access compliant.

Exposed tree roots created a safety hazard for the heavy student traffic at St Joseph’s School, Port Lincoln SA, located on the Eyre Peninsula. No one knew what to do with this barren and often muddy area. What they did know was that they wanted to create an area that was hardwearing, safe for students, visually appealing and demonstrated sustainability within the school community.

A tall order? Ross Hay, OHS&W and Administrative Coordinator, St Joseph’s School said Enduroplank™ recycled-plastic decking, ‘ticked all the boxes’. Perfect as an outdoor learning area, a place to relax during lunchtime or for catching up with parents at school closure, this new floating deck is popular with teachers, students and parents alike.

‘The area now is safe, clean, and functional.’ Ross Hay, OHS&W and Administrative Coordinator, St Joseph’s School


Stonington City Council, in Victoria, has funded a ground breaking project that will increase habitat connectivity, improve water quality and provide recreational and educational opportunities.

Through clever environmental design the 'Lower Yarra River Biodiversity Linkages Project’ uses materials obtained through sustainable or recyclable sources. An elevated Enduroplank™ boardwalk with a composite fibre sub-structure, which was designed and constructed by Replas, allows users to experience views of the wetlands and the river. The location is further enhanced by a selection of picnic settings and benches all made from 100% Australian recycled plastic.

‘Enduroplank™ is easy to install due to the consistency of the boards and due to them covering a fair bit of territory by being 195 mm wide.’ Ken Snow, Director, Snow Homes – Installer.