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The mouth of the Murchison River is a much loved spot for Kalbarri locals to fish. The Shire of Northampton has now provided the perfect spot to cast a line in safety with the addition of a new platform made from recycled plastic and composite fibre. This timber free structure is perfect in this location as it is resistant to moisture and microorganisms and will not rot, crack or split.


Nambucca Shire Council, in NSW, required a strong, durable pedestrian deck to be installed next to an existing road bridge. An existing timber and bitumen surface had deteriorated due to floods that had gone over the bridge seven times in five years. The surface was refurbished by laying an Enduroplankā„¢ floating deck over the top. This provided the perfect solution and will easily cope with any future flood waters.

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An 8m bridge at Wallaman Falls National Park, Mount Fox, in Queensland was built by a contractor in Townsville using Enduroplank decking. It was then disassembled and taken up to Wallaman Falls where it was easily re-assembled by National Parks rangers. The recycled-plastic Enduroplank decking was also used to create a ramp to the toilet block.

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Several timber bridges in a Townsville estate, in Queensland, were rotting and needed lots of maintenance. Townsville City Council decided a better solution was to use recycled -plastic decking combined with composite fibre. Replas spent a half a day training council staff to install the materials and installation was so successful that they have now replaced five of the deteriorated bridges.

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Cairns Regional Council replaced the timber pedestrian boardwalk at Deadmanā€™s Gully in Clifton Beach, Queensland, was replaced with recycled-plastic Enduroplankā„¢ decking.

The new 72 metre boardwalk, which leads from Upolo Esplanade through the Deadmanā€™s Gully environmental reserve to the beachfront, will be slightly higher to help reduce flooding events and wider to accommodate wheelchairs and prams to pass each other.

Minnie Beach, on Fannie Bay in Darwin, is famous for its markets and beachside eateries. An after dinner stroll along the beach has been made so much easier with the addition of five new floating beach access pathways made from recycled-plastic Enduroplankā„¢. The pathways help prevent erosion while also protecting the surrounding vegetation.


Conscious of environmental issues, Sutherland Shire Council, in NSW, not only has a desalination plant, but they also recycle their plastic. Less than 3 kms from the plant, at Bonna Point, Kurnell, this boat ramp is made from Enduroplankā„¢ recycled-plastic decking which is not only environmentally friendly, but also perfect in a marine environment as it is resistant to moisture and microorganisms.


The Mobo Creek Bridge at Tinaroo, in Queensland, suffered damage after the devastating cyclone Yasi went through the area. The Queensland Department of National Parks decided to replace it with recycled-plastic Enduroplankā„¢ decking which will handle this harsh environment with ease.

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New Zealand Diamond Club member, Asplundh, removed the deteriorated timber from an existing concrete ramp that extended on to the beach. Recycled-plastic Enduroplankā„¢ was then laid over the ramp to provide a more robust and longer lasting solution. This was a challenging installation, but the result achieved by Aspludh was outstanding.