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Keeping nature where it belongs

A recent visit to Coomba Falls in the South Burnett Region, Queensland, saw the introduction of Replas’ 100 millimetre square bollards to the car park.

Having been installed to prevent cars parking too close to the start of the famous Replas Enduroplank™ staircase, these highly customisable bollards do nothing to take away the astounding beauty of the scenery, as they look just like timber but are much more environmentally friendly, do not rot, and are virtually maintenance free.

Enter the wild… safely

When walking through the wilderness it’s especially important to know that you are safe and in good hands, but sometimes rough terrain can turn a peaceful stroll into a nightmare. Don’t panic, there is good news on the horizon!

Located at Maidenwell in the South Burnett Region is the famous Coomba Falls swimming hole. The staircase provides access through the use of Replas’ Enduroplank™ which is supported by easy to install composite fibre.

The structure has now been in place for 15 months and looks just as good as the day it was finished.

Installed by Replas’ Diamond Club member ARD Projects, the boardwalk’s success has led to plans for a new lower section that is due to be installed early in the new year.



Harnessing the sun

Replas’ Diamond Club Member Designer Decks have installed small solar lights in Replas’ Enduroplank™ to light up the way on a South East Queensland boardwalk. Demonstrating the product’s durability, the solar lights introduce an ambience and tranquillity to the boardwalk, as well as additional security.

Slip resistant and easy to install, the Enduroplank™ is made from recycled plastic, and will not corrode even when submerged in salt-water.


The next wave in beach access

At Horrocks Beach, in WA, the only access to the beach was via a single track through the dunes. Regular traffic through this popular area meant the dunes and local native vegetation were subject to erosion. At Horrocks Beach, west of North Hampton in WA, the only access to the beach was via a single track through the dunes. Regular traffic through this popular area meant the dunes and local native vegetation were subject to erosion.

The Shire of Northampton constructed a pathway using recycled-plastic decking that has not only made life easier for visitors, but also created a single sustainable access route that will help protect the dunes.

The walkway is a safe access for all persons but more for the elderly and parents with prams/pushers who can get to the hard sand area instead of having to carry all their equipment.’ Garry L Keeffe, CEO, Shire of Northampton.


That's not a path, this is a path

Unless you’re Crocodile Dundee there are two things you have to remember when walking through Simpson’s Gap in the West Macdonnell National Park, Northern Territory: Stick to the bike path and you’re not Crocodile Dundee.

Needing repair, the bike path and bridge have been upgraded using Replas’ Enduroplank™, which is made from recycled plastic rather than materials that are detrimental to the environment. Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Minster Karl Hampton said, ‘Here at Simpson’s Gap repairs and upgrades to the Bike Path Bridge are now complete, leaving us a safer bridge for riders and a great natural aesthetic. Every year more than 120,000 people visit the magnificent West MacDonnell National Park, and by investing in our parks we are able to ensure visitors have a unique experience while we protect our environment.’

Using environmentally friendly and sturdy products like Enduroplank™ to maintain the bike path and bridge, has ensured that beauties like the West Macdonnell National Park can continue to be enjoyed without causing damage to the environment or risking a hiker stumbling across a crocodile.

Sun, sand and recycled plastic

No trip to the beach is complete without the elaborate hot-sand tribal dance as you try to make your way from the car down to the water without burning your feet.

Beach goers at the South Maroubra Surf Lifesaving Club on the Arthur Byrne Reserve in Maroubra, New South Wales, can put their screams and flailing arms to rest with Replas to the rescue. With the installation of a beach access pathway and 145 millimetre bollards locals can get down to the beach with ease. Both of these products are made with recycled plastic and look fantastic sitting between the sand and bushland reserve. The pathway is about 160 metres long, two metres wide and was made with Replas' slip-resistant and easy-to-install Enduroplank™. The bollards are virtually maintenance-free, come in a variety of different colours and can be converted into signs.

The South Maroubra Surf Lifesaving Club provides water awareness education for children, surf sports and lifesaving services and has continued its commitment to environmentally-friendly products and a sustainable future.

Easier access for better learning

Paluma Environmental Education Centre Principal Linda Venn and Maintenance Officer Barry Smith demonstrate the durability of one of the centre’s two new Enduroplank™ decking access.

Now the centre is more easily accessible for everyone wanting to learn more about our environment.

The centre is located about 80 kilometres north of Townsville, Queensland in Paluma and gives visitors the opportunity to observe one of nature’s most beautiful ecosystems at its most diverse.

Botanic gardens receives beautiful facelift

Like a lot of beautiful celebrities, the Mt Annan Botanic Gardens needed a little bit of cosmetic work done to compliment its natural beauty. Located in Narrellan, just south west of Sydney, NSW, the gardens have been a favourite for many weddings, educational tours and horticultural research.

The 416 hectare garden provides Sydney with one of its most popular tourist destinations as its home to over 4000 different species of native flora. Now it’s also home to some of Replas’ environmentally sustainable products that ensure gardens like these continue to have the opportunity to flourish.

The seats were refurbished using 40 millimetre recycled-plastic profiles, replacing the old timber. Enduroplank™ was used instead of concrete, timber or bitumen to create the pathway as well as 100 millimetre x 100 millimetre bollards to barricade the restricted areas.

These environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance products have ensured that the Australian Botanic Gardens keeps its beauty for years to come.

Take a walk on the sustainable side

The Redlands Cycling & Pedestrian Strategy (2016) is well underway with the construction of a dual-use walkway at Hilliard’s Creek crossing in the South East Queensland suburb of Ormiston nearing completion.

Constructed collaboratively by Replas Diamond Club Members Shapescapes and Designer Decks, the walkway will provide local residents with an environmentally sustainable crossing.

Due for completion mid December 2013, the pedestrian and cycle-friendly walkway was built using 1060 three metre boards of Replas’ Enduroplank. This has saved over twenty tons of waste plastic going to landfill—equivalent to 13 holden station wagons.


Footbridge hits the mark

On budget and on time, that’s the target every project aims for. Add in a material that’s durable as well as sustainable and you have a winning combination that really hits the mark.

A stunning 56 metre pedestrian bridge across Rifle Range Creek at Bagara has just been completed by Bundaberg Council in Queensland using Enduroplank™ decking with a composite fibre sub-structure.

‘This is a fantastic and much anticipated project which has completed a missing link of our Coastal Turtle Trail,’ said Bundaberg Divisional Councillor Greg Barnes. The materials chosen are both perfect in this coastal location as they are extremely hard wearing, long lasting and will not corrode, rust, or rot—unlike many alternatives.