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The City of West Torrens in SA had experienced rot and white ant damage in footbridges throughout the area. Rather than continue to spend money on maintenance the council chose to source an alternative building product.

Nine bridges were revamped with the addition of Enduroplank™ decking and composite fibre handrail both chosen to minimise, or exclude maintenance costs and to provide an asset with extended useful life.

‘It’s all about buying Australian products, saving Council money, time, having no or little maintenance and use a pro-active approach to specifying sustainable products for all outdoor uses, and Replas ticks all those boxes’.

Bernadette Ward, Coordinator Asset Management, City Assets, City of West Torrens.


What a view!

Nowra, located in New South Wales, is home to beautiful views of the famous bridge, parks, rivers and creeks.

Shoalhaven City Council decided to install viewing platforms and ramps to allow visitors and residents to make the most of the area. Consultation between the council and Replas Product Manager Bert Meyer resulted in the decision to use recycled-plastic products. Large profiles were used for seating, 125mm x 230mm used as a kick rail and the Enduroplank™ for the deck. Each individual profile is equivalent to 60,000 plastic bags. That’s a considerable amount of plastic bags saved from landfill!

Shoalhaven City Council were so happy with the project that they decided to install two more of the same structures in the surrounding areas in the near future. This project demonstrates the positive impact that recycled-plastic products have on the environment and the community. These viewing platforms and ramps are low-maintenance and have an incredibly longevity. Nowra's views can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Beach buggy access

Not only is beach access important for people, it's also important for beach buggies. Rockdale City Council recently installed an Enduroplank™ which has been a great success with visitors, particularly buggy drivers. Located near the Georges River Sailing Club in Sandringham, Sydney, this recycled-plastic decking offers an ethical alternative to traditional timber.

Diners at the hidden treasure, Georges River Sailing Club, can now enjoy a beautiful, safer journey to the beach without hassle. The Enduroplank™ especially suits the marine area as salt water will not damage or destroy the material, making the decking a long-lasting, maintenance-free product.


609,000 plastic bags saved

A new and exciting beach access is currently being installed at North Narrabeen on the northern beaches of Sydney. The new point will ensure easy access for residents and visitors from the Surf Club to the beach.

Enduroplank™ is a perfect decking for the area, due to its ability to withstand the harsh salt water. It's an ethical alternative to timber, which is promised to remain maintenance-free and long-lasting. Not only will the material not corrode, even when submerged in salt water, it also refuses to split, rot, crack or need painting.

Each 3 metre length of Enduroplank™ is equivalent to 4350 plastic bags. Once the project is completed a total of 609,000 plastic bags will have been saved from landfill. What an excellent recycling achievement! You simply can't go wrong with a stunning, easily installed Enduroplank™ beach access.


Napier Park cemented in history

Strathmore has been carefully preserved to give visitors an essence of its origin prior to the European settlement. It's also home to a recently refurbished Napier Park. The park includes some towering River Red Gums, some of the rare few located in the Melbourne area. The flora and fauna is absolutely flourishing, thanks to Moonee Valley City Council.

The council chose to incorporate several Replas' floating decks and a 12 metre long bridge into the park. The floating decks break up the otherwise bland, neutral gravel paths scattered throughout the park. The floating deck eliminates any issues of moisture exposure. Most materials would quickly deteriorate after direct contact with the ground but the recycled-plastic concept ensures that the park has reliable, solid pathways for a long time to come.

An area as special as this required a hassle-free alternative. Replas' floating decks are easily installed, highly cost effective and are an ideal solution to heavy amounts of moisture. Take a stroll to Napier Park to check out its rich history, unique medieval playground and now its smooth pathways!

Parkes Shire Council just can't get enough!

Forbes, located in the Lachlan Valley South West of NSW, just can't get enough of Replas!

They have recycled-plastic picnic settings, bins, track markers, several bench seats and even an Enduroplank™ on the walk way over to the stunning lake.

Many thousands of plastic bags have been saved from landfill as a result, go Forbes!

All of these products are low-maintenance and designed to last as they're resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture.

Enduroplank™ decking in particular is a long lasting construction containing no timber or metal (other than fixings and brackets) and is robust and durable.

An enormous environmental impact has been made by Parkes Shire Council and Replas' recycled-plastic initiative.


Enduroplank™ bridges the walkway gap

After decades of being synonymous with Auckland's wastewater treatment Puketutu Island in Auckland, New Zealand, is now a place people want to visit.

As part of the redevelopment of the area, Watercare Services Ltd chose recycled-plastic to create bench seating and used Enduroplank™ decking to bridge a spillway for the convenience of cyclists and walkers along the Manukau Coastal walkway.

By using recycled plastic on the project, Watercare has saved the equivalent of 658,000 plastic bags from ending up in landfill.  


Upcycling inspiration

This St Kilda boardwalk has taken recycling to a whole new picturesque level.

Replas took the offcuts from the Enduroplank™ decking and made it into outdoor furniture, creating this exceptional Daintree Seat.

The seats are very versatile, available in free-standing or in-ground options, easily installed in this existing Enduroplank™ decking or any other structure.

Anti-slip eco friendly decking for Sutherland Shire Council residents

A public walkway in Gymea, a suburb located within Sutherland Shire Council, southern Sydney, is situated between the rail line and the shops.

Approximately three and a half metres wide by 35 metres long and with a kick rail on both sides, the Enduroplank™ that has been installed there has been very successful and is used as the main decking.

Council increased the slip rate component by having the walkway coated with an anti slip product which increased the rating to V14, the highest rating.


Overcoming obstacles

Replas team-members were approached by a client who wished to build a set of stairs and landings using the infamous Enduroplank™ product. The council that he was quoting for had decided to change their tender to show the recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ instead of the previously specified timber decking, due to the longer life span and higher quality of the product.

The product’s width did not meet the relevant standards for the stair tread depth; however, Enduroplank™ can be cut and modified in order to satisfy individual needs.

Team-members from around the country were more than happy to help with producing photos of various ways in which other people have overcome this challenge in the past.