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The perfect solution for a beach side location is a Beach Access made of Enduroplank™. The affordable products slip resistance is a terrific benefit for any harsh saline environment. Carlton Beach is a popular summer surfing beach, located 40 km east of Hobart. The beach recently had an Enduroplank™ recycled-plastic decking installed.

The hard-wearing material encompasses the latest technology. A sturdy, long-lasting and maintenance-free material, it provides an alternative to the traditional timber. It’s particularly at home in marine based environments, as salt water won’t corrode the material.

Surfers can easily make their way to this beautiful beach to enjoy the southerly swells of the bay, thanks to the new slip resistant Enduroplank™.


In 2008, the Sunshine Coast Council purchased three bridges to be installed by the Bridge Maintenance Division. Replas provided assistance and instruction to the team, as did staff from Wagners—who manufacture the composite fibre.

The bridges have a composite fibre sub-structure with an Enduroplank™ deck. Two of the bridges form part of a trail that is used by horses. This presented an issue as horses require a solid surface underfoot in order to feel safe. The council solved the problem by using a wet pour rubber over the top of the Enduroplank™.

The council is very happy with the look and presentation of the bridges and is looking forward to the extra life span with almost zero maintenance.

The Mount Henry Jetty in Western Australia was originally constructed to support the infrastructure works on the Mount Henry Bridge. Recently, however, the jetty was renovated for public use.

Enduroplank™ decking was used, along with recycled-plastic capping and fenders. Unlike wooden planking, which can be awkward to work with due to knots and differently sized sections, every Enduroplank™ is identical, allowing consistent quality and an easy installation.

Visitors to Mossman Gorge in the Daintree National Park will now have a world-class viewing experience thanks to a new elevated walkway. The decking is made from recycled-plastic
Enduroplank™, sourced from 100% Australian waste—saving 37 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill.

According to Dave Sherwell, Ranger in Charge at Daintree National Park, the previous timber tracks, ‘Were extremely high maintenance. With the high temperatures and high rainfall there was lots of
mould, lots of slippage issues, plus the timber didn’t last due to wood rot’.

Replacing the boardwalk with recycled-plastic decking solved the problem of maintenance and replacement. However, as the terrain was undulating, wheelchair access was difficult.
It was important to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service that everyone had the opportunity to visit this beautiful area and so a new elevated boardwalk was designed.

With the completion of the project, 215 metres of new boardwalk will carry visitors into the mid-canopy of the rainforest, allowing them a new and unique perspective of
the huge variety of trees, creepers and epiphytes that make this lowland
rainforest special.

‘As you can see it not only looks great, but it’s worked out a charm as far as no maintenance, no repairs and so far there’s

been no slippages and to date terrific reviews’ - Dave Sherwell, Ranger in Charge – Daintree Wet Tropics Region, Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service.

Recycled plastic goes on and on...

Approximately 1 km of recycled- plastic decking and stair treads was originally laid at Mosman Gorge in 2003. It needed to be removed to make way for the new elevated walkway, but was in excellent condition and still had a life span of more than forty years. In the true spirit of recycling, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service gave it to the local Aboriginal community who have been able to use it to create boardwalks in other areas.

Replas is proud to be involved in the construction of  a new rainforest walkway in far north Queensland,  that Premier Anna Bligh has described as a ‘must-see’ tourist attraction.

The $10 million Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walkway in Wooroonooran National Park features a 2.2 kilometre forest board walk, a 340 metre-long elevated walkway and a 37 metre-high observation tower. Environmentally sustainable, durable materials were selected for the project, so as to minimise its impact on the delicate eco-system of the rain forest.

Replas products were used not only as the decking for the walkway, but also for the wall cladding of the building, and the bench seating.

In an Australian first, the Gold Coast Council has installed Enduroplank™ decking as a floating platform over soft sand—specifically designed to give wheelchair access right to the water’s edge.

Various other types of products had been trialled by the council before choosing Enduroplank™’, but the solid grooved surface of the Enduroplank™ decking provided an ideal non-slip surface for wheelchair accessibility.

The decking was laid on top of the sand using recycled-plastic bearers to hold the planks in place.

There was no need for piers into the beach as the whole platform interlocks. In this situation it will have a life span of over forty years.

The council said they liked that the, ‘grey colour of the deck blends in with the natural colours surrounding it, making it non-obtrusive’.  It also doubles as a pedestrian beach access which is very easy to walk on and will not burn the soles of your feet.

The project consumed the equivalent of over 35,000 plastic two-litre milk containers and saved about 85 cubic metres of landfill. The council says they are happy that they, ‘can use a product that is not only efficient in its application, but practical and environmentally friendly’.


After floods devastated the Gippsland region in June 2007, the Victorian State Government injected funds into the area to help repair some of the destruction.

One area badly affected was the coastal town of Loch Sport. The foreshore area was underwater for some time, resulting in extensive damage to the parkland and wooden walking track along the lake’s edge. When considering how to repair the track, Wellington Shire Council looked at various options, requiring a product able to withstand the harsh coastal conditions.

As shire residents are strong supporters of recycling and sustainability, the council decided that Enduroplank™ decking was the perfect solution, as it is maintenance-free and will outlast any alternative in such extreme conditions.


Brisbane City Council has been one of the first to take advantage of our new range of brown products. The council wanted to create an outdoor lunch and meeting area, but any solution needed to be mindful of the heritage listed tree root system.

Replas was able to provide a floating, two level deck, which has no piers going into the ground. Brown was chosen as the colour for the Enduroplank™, and black was used for the edging, creating a clean, stylish look. Because of the unusual shape of the platforms, furniture was custom built to accommodate the angles and lengths.

Council staff now has an outdoor area that is not only neat and comfortable, but helps protect the integrity of the trees.

Elevated bike path bridge                                                    Removable drop-down bollards
West McDonnell National Park, NT.                                  Redbank Gorge campground, NT.

Proving no terrain is too tough for a Replas product, these amazing photos show a diverse range of applications. From the heat of the desert, to the humidity of the tropics, Replas recycled plastic can handle it all.
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‘I was looking for a product that was low maintenance, long-lasting and would withstand the harsh conditions of the tropics. Replas was able to arrange for delivery from one side of Australia to the other. Installation only required spacing and attaching end capping to the planks, a job I was able to undertake myself. What great service.’  Ian Hunter, home handyman, Northern Territory.