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Bollard 'Tops' in Darwin

The Darwin City Council has installed Replas bollards in the new Convention Centre precinct on the Darwin waterfront. Recycled-plastic bollards are being used almost exclusively throughout the NT because of their resistance to termites and ability to tolerate the climatic extremes of the Top End.

Your 'Plank' canvas

Plank signs are one of the most popular signs in our range and it’s no wonder. The City of Kingston and Greater Geelong Council have both taken the opportunity to customise their Plank signs to great effect.
Visit www.replas.com.au for more information.

So if you’re feeling creative, call today and let us help you design your next sign.

A passionate community

The community of Onslow in The Shire of Ashburton, WA, has worked for the past three years to create a community garden. The vision for the garden was that it would be a holistic environment that supports healthy active lifestyles.

Replas seating was chosen as the community agreed it would complement the ideals and features of the garden.

Mackay boardwalk looks to the future

It will soon be easier than ever to get around the laid back city of Mackay, with the addition of the new Bluewater Trail. The 21-kilometre shared pedestrian-cycle trail encircles the city and will link several tourist attractions, including the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, Bluewater Lagoon, Bluewater Quay and the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens.

The trail incorporates a walkway—The Pioneer Environmental Walk—which is under water four weeks of the year. Mackay Regional Council needed a product for this part of the trail that could withstand such conditions, so the natural choice was Replas’ recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ with a composite fibre sub-structure from Wagners.

The 1.2km footpath, 30 m bridge over Alligator Creek and 1 km of boardwalk was installed by Abergeldie Constructions.

The final appearance of the completed boardwalk is a credit to all involved. The products incorporated into the project offered a superior product over conventional methods and products used in the past.

John Board, QLD Construction Manager with Abergeldie Constructions.

Bridging the gap

In 2008, the Sunshine Coast Council purchased three bridges to be installed by the Bridge Maintenance Division. Replas provided assistance and instruction to the team, as did staff from Wagners—who manufacture the composite fibre.

The bridges have a composite fibre sub-structure with an Enduroplank™ deck. Two of the bridges form part of a trail that is used by horses. This presented an issue as horses require a solid surface underfoot in order to feel safe. The council solved the problem by using a wet pour rubber over the top of the Enduroplank™.

The council is very happy with the look and presentation of the bridges and is looking forward to the extra life span with almost zero maintenance.

Sitting room at Sea Lake

Buloke Shire Council, in North-West Victoria, recently purchased some recycled-plastic benches and seats to replace old, weathered seating in Apex Park at Sea Lake.

The council chose Replas products because they wanted to support a locally made product and they believe recycled plastic offers a good alternative to the traditional wooden and steel structures currently on the market.

Ken King, from Buloke Shire Council, says, ‘The seats were easy to assemble and handle,’ adding, ‘We need to think positively about recycling and our environment, even in rural areas such as ours, recycling plastic into park seating and furniture is a positive move’.

Walking the talk at St Kilda

The City of Port Phillip, an inner city council in Melbourne, Victoria, would like to distinguish itself as a leader in sustainable procurement. So when an existing timber boardwalk structure along St Kilda foreshore had reached the end of its useful life expectancy the council looked for an alternative product.

Alison Breach, Landscape Architect with the City of Port Phillip, says, ‘The site is a protected foreshore vegetation area. It seemed hypocritical to fell trees to protect plants.’ After considering a variety of options, Replas products were chosen because they are durable in foreshore conditions as well as being attractive, long lasting and sustainable.

The result is a 300-metre non-slip boardwalk, made from Enduroplank™, with a sand-coloured composite fibre sub-structure that blends beautifully into this beach location. With no metal or timber, the boardwalk will have a greater life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs.

Importantly, the boardwalk is raised to protect the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. Three floating pathways leading to the beach also encourage visitors to keep to the path and help preserve this sensitive environment.

Alison says, ‘The community has been very supportive,’ of the installation, adding they are pleased that a recycled local product which is both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing was used.

Australian First for Gold Coast

In an Australian first, the Gold Coast Council has installed Enduroplank™ decking as a floating platform over soft sand—specifically designed to give wheelchair access right to the water’s edge.

Various other types of products had been trialled by the council before choosing Enduroplank™’, but the solid grooved surface of the Enduroplank™ decking provided an ideal non-slip surface for wheelchair accessibility.

The decking was laid on top of the sand using recycled-plastic bearers to hold the planks in place.

There was no need for piers into the beach as the whole platform interlocks. In this situation it will have a life span of over forty years.

The council said they liked that the, ‘grey colour of the deck blends in with the natural colours surrounding it, making it non-obtrusive’.  It also doubles as a pedestrian beach access which is very easy to walk on and will not burn the soles of your feet.

The project consumed the equivalent of over 35,000 plastic two-litre milk containers and saved about 85 cubic metres of landfill. The council says they are happy that they, ‘can use a product that is not only efficient in its application, but practical and environmentally friendly’.

Yarra Boulevard on the right track

If you find yourself on the bike track along the Yarra Boulevard, Melbourne, look down as you pass under Swan Street bridge and you will notice the track has been enhanced by the addition of a 150m long recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ deck.

Mark Donnellan, Capital Works Officer with the City of Yarra, says the council supports recycling, ‘as part of a suite of things we can do to operate more sustainably and to use recycled products where appropriate’.

The council chose Enduroplank™ for its durability and longevity. Mark says they are looking forward to much, ‘less maintenance than the timber it replaced’.


A lasting tribute

When residents of The Great Lakes Council in NSW, apply for a memorial seat they now have the option of purchasing a hard wearing recycled-plastic seat from Replas.

Kris Koch, Parks Asset Officer at the council, says, ‘We tell the applicant that it is a seat made from recycled products, which they are happy to pay the extra for, as opposed to the timber seats’.

Kris says, ‘Everyone who has purchased a seat is extremely pleased with the final product and happy that the seat will handle all the elements thrown at it’.