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Randwick City Council is one of many New South Wales councils that are embracing Replas’ products. Shown here are our 145mm recycled-plastic bollards used at Yarra Bay in La Perouse, as both fencing and a beach walkway.

The council has also used recycled-plastic bollards in many other beachside applications, including Coogee Bay.

Bermagui, in NSW, has two excellent tide-filled swimming pools set among the rocks—one for adults and one for children, known collectively as 'The Blue Pool'. Apart from safety and fresh salt-water, The Blue Pool also offers spectacular views of the coast.

The original staircase was very steep with uneven treads and risers and subject to weed and algal growth which presented a slip hazard to users. To overcome this problem Bega Valley Shire Council decided to fix Enduroplank™ to the top of the concrete step treads, providing greater traction. David Buckley from the council says, ‘the plastic material has proved both less prone to weed growth and much easier to remove any growth that does occur’.

There was only one small picnic table setting servicing the entire pool—an early Replas setting— which David said ‘had withstood the environment extremely well’. This was replaced with four matching Kookaburra picnic tables and bench seats.

Also replaced were the old timber slab bench seats which were narrow, deteriorating and required regular maintenance. Recycled-plastic Kookaburra bench seats now complete the picture.

'The Blue Pool at Bega, NSW, is situated on the ocean foreshore and is subject to extremes of coastal weather and coastal action. We were therefore looking for a material that would withstand these conditions in the long term and require minimal maintenance. We also wanted a product that was functional and stylish. The Replas suite of products met all these requirements.’

David Buckley Federal Infrastructure Projects Project Coordinator, BVSC.

South Australia’s City of Unley is very proud of its beautiful tree lined streets, but the same tress that breathe life into the city are also responsible for breaking up the footpaths, causing safety issues.

The council continually had to repair the footpath, due to tree roots bursting through the bitumen. Because of the significance of the trees, they could not be removed, meaning a large portion of council funds were going into maintaining the footpath.

What was needed was a solution that was not only sustainable, but had an extremely long lifespan. Replas provided the answer in Enduroplanking™, installed over a raised composite fibre base, with recycled plastic capping used for a kick rail.

This provided the council with a completely timber-free solution, offering immense street appeal whilst also being cost effective. The footpath now has an expected lifespan in excess of 40 years, and, importantly, has allowed the integrity of the tree roots to be preserved.

The team at Port Stephens Council in New South Wales have chosed to construct these beachfront stairs with Replas stair treads, profiles and bollards. The council has used Replas products previously, and have always been happy with the results.

Andrew Henderson, of the Port Stephens Council, commented that although the purchase price of Replas products is often a little higher than that of alternative products, the longevity of the product is a wise investment for the future.

‘Not only are we cutting back on maintenance and replacement costs, but the fact that we are saving massive amounts of landfill gives us more than enough reason to continue to update our construction methods, and create a greener future for our children,’ he explained.

A group of unusual saltwater clams with very small shells have had Kempsey Shire Council, in NSW scratching for answers. The timber in the wharf at Macleay River was continually being eaten by the mollusc, known locally as Cobra Worm or Shipworm. According to Jeff Hirst from the council this meant, ‘it had to be replaced every two years’.

Finally the worm has been defeated with the installation of a new recycled-plastic platform. While recycled plastic has many features it cannot claim to be at all appetising to Cobra Worms!

Pictured here is the new Replas access ramp at the beautiful Killarney Beach, near Port Fairy in Victoria. The ramp was commissioned by the Killarney Recreation Reserve Committee in conjuction with Moyne Shire Council, and has been designed for both excessive sand coverage and safe beach access during high tides in winter.

Moyne Shire Council’s Environmental Officer, Richard Hodgens, chose Enduroplank™ for its ability to withstand moisture for a prolonged period of time. The council is committed to green purchasing, and Replas is proud to supply them with environmentally sustainable products.

A safety audit by Life Saving Victoria in 2006 recommended a major aquatic safety signage upgrade in the Borough of Queenscliffe. The Point Lonsdale beach has been identified as one of the most hazardous beaches in the region, and the need for comprehensive hazard identification signage was seen as a priority.

In partnership with the Department of Sustainability, the Borough of Queenscliffe chose to install Replas Paddle signs at every beach access point where significant hazards exist.

The locations of the signs are in exposed coastal positions, and the choice of Replas signs provided the council with an environmentally sustainable, visually appealing and robust option that is lightweight and easy to install.

Best of all, the signs can be updated as required by simply changing the panel, and the council is looking forward to many years of trouble-free safety signage.

The Cricket ground at Petersham, a suburb of Sydney, was the scene of Sir Donald Bradman’s original ‘First Class’ cricket century. So when the Marrickville Council decided to refurbish the benches on the ground, it was trusted that they would want a product that enhanced the historic significance of the area.

These images show that the green colour and traditional shape of the Replas benches blends perfectly into the surroundings, and make for an aesthetically pleasing, traditional look that local residents can enjoy for many years.


Tasmania's historic Richmond Village prides itself on maintaining a heritage look and feel. With the township’s oldest buildings dating back to the 1820s, Clarence City Council is particularly careful to ensure that any new installations enhance the traditional street-scape.

When new bollards were required recently, the council challenged Replas to create a uniquely appropriate design.

BMX bike riders in the City of Wyndham are now enjoying an upgraded BMX Track at Werribee, Victoria.

As part of the improvements a recycled-plastic staircase has been installed, which makes it easier for race officials to get to the top of the start ramp.

Ramani Dorairaj, from Wyndham City council said they ‘wanted to try using an alternative material from the usual timber/concrete stairs’. Council also wanted to use recycled/sustainable materials and thus be more environmentally friendly. Adding that as a result of this experience they would definitely be keen to use Replas products again.