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Logan City Council works in tandem with Replas

Logan City Council have used Replas Bollard Signs throughout their 3.8 km East West bicycle routes. This is the first stage in a number of upgrades happening throughout the Logan area; stage two is due to commence over the next six months. The bollard sign has been in place for about two years and shows no signs of deterioration.

A Remarkable setting

The District Council of Mount Remarkable in South Australia has given Melrose Memorial Park a makeover with the addition of a range of new Replas seats and settings to replace the previous old tired furniture.


Neil Mitchell visits the Replas Resource Centre

Neil Mitchell visited the Replas Environmental Centre (REC) along with a group of interested residents from Maroondah Council. Neil describes himself as being on a ‘sustainable journey’ and says he first noticed Replas products when visiting the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.

Part of a community group who committed to reducing their waste by 50 %, Neil and the others implemented simple measures such as taking soft plastics to Coles stores for recycling. Ultimately they reduced their waste by a whopping 81%, proving the power of community action.

Neil said as soon as he heard about the tour to the REC he was keen to come so that he could see the products made as result of his and others recycling efforts. Neil says he was very impressed with what he saw, adding that it, ‘doesn’t make sense to do otherwise’.

Nambucca makes tracks

The Nambucca Shire Council in NSW, is working on a project to stabilise beach access ways which are eroding from foot traffic and wind & wave action.

Generation Green Environmental Services was contracted by the Council to install Replas Enduroplank as part of this project. Due to erosion, an underlay was used to stabilise the sand prior to installing the Enduroplank on top.

'These products worked very well together and were easy to install, our crew was able to finish one of the tracks in a single day.' Steve Dibben, Generation Green Environmental Services.

On the table

Darren Harrison and Garnet Radford from Logan City Council in Queensland recently met with Replas director Mark Yates at the Replas Environmental Centre in Victoria. Logan City will be home to the new Replas recycling centre in Queensland and the Business Development executives will assist with the establishment of the facility as well as spreading the good word throughout the local community.

Busy bees

The Replas Environmental Centre (REC) has been a hive of activity lately. In one huge day the centre hosted a conference for the Transfer Station Resource Recovery Centre Network with over 25 people attending, representing 18 metropolitan councils across Melbourne.

We also welcomed a group of over 60 community members from Maroondah City Council who had the opportunity to see what a difference their recycling makes.

Any reserves on fitness?

The latest addition to the Morris Williams Reserve in Bulleen, Victoria, is a range of outdoor fitness equipment from Replas. Manningham Council, who installed the equipment, found the process easy and the result now greatly adds to the amenity of the reserve. Outdoor exercise equipment is constructed from recycled-plastic, is self-guided and is a lasting investment to the reserve.

The equipment is long lasting, safe and hygienic, and with no moving parts require minimal on-going maintenance.

Who let the dogs out?

Logan City Council residents in Queensland that’s who. Ever since the council installed two specialised off-leash dog areas at Underwood Recreational Park in South Rochdale, local dogs think life is a walk in the park.

Two specially designed areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs, include bridges, sitting platforms, weave poles and jump through hoops. Suitable for residents or professional trainers this equipment is constructed from super-strong recycled plastic and provides a fun way to exercise with your dog.

O Moama

During 2008 a group of people including parents, councillors and council staff, skaters, bikers and scooters, joined together to work towards achieving an upgraded community skate park in Moama. In 2011 the park was officially re-opened complete with a sturdy recycled-plastic sign that was built to last. Recently four new Oval Benches designed by Replas were installed, providing weary skaters with a stylish place to take a break.

Townsville trade show

Replas recently attended the Building for a Profitable Future trade show held by Townsville Enterprise in conjunction with the Townsville Council and Ergon. Held at the Mecure Inn in Townsville, the show was attended by real estate individuals, developers, builders and contractors. If you would like Replas to attend your expo call 1800 REPLAS to make a booking.