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When Whitehorse City Council’s Parks Planning Facilitator, Dion Scott, recently upgraded the park at Redland Drive Reserve, he chose to use only Replas recycled‐plastic products in the design.

‘We chose Kimberly seats, picnic settings, and chain‐linked bollards,’ he commented at the completion of the job, ‘and we’re really happy with the result’.

Take a look at the excellent terrace refurbishment around the Toowoomba Sports Ground!

Previously terracing was cut into the earth bank, however erosion over the years called for an urgent replacement. Rather than recut the bank, Toowoomba Council decided to build the terracing with Replas retaining panels.

Recycled plastic was the preferred choice over timber, concrete and brick options, as it’s extended lifespan and low maintenance costs were far less than the alternatives.

In the next few months, the entire sports ground will be re-terraced using Replas retainer panels ensuring comfortable, splinter-free seating for spectators.

Kingston Reserve in Dingley, Victoria, was in dire need of a new barrier for their football ground. In the past, Kingston City Council had used treated pine posts, however with their rapid deterioration the council looked towards a solution that would last far longer and require little maintenance.

With the additional need for a product that could be easily drilled to insert pipes, the Replas bollards were the perfect option. Kingston Reserve can now look forward to a nice looking barrier around their football ground, with the added benefit of longevity.

The City of Port Phillip, an inner city council in Melbourne, Victoria, would like to distinguish itself as a leader in sustainable procurement. So when an existing timber boardwalk structure along St Kilda foreshore had reached the end of its useful life expectancy the council looked for an alternative product.

Alison Breach, Landscape Architect with the City of Port Phillip, says, ‘The site is a protected foreshore vegetation area. It seemed hypocritical to fell trees to protect plants.’ After considering a variety of options, Replas products were chosen because they are durable in foreshore conditions as well as being attractive, long lasting and sustainable.

The result is a 300-metre non-slip boardwalk, made from Enduroplank™, with a sand-coloured composite fibre sub-structure that blends beautifully into this beach location. With no metal or timber, the boardwalk will have a greater life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs.

Importantly, the boardwalk is raised to protect the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. Three floating pathways leading to the beach also encourage visitors to keep to the path and help preserve this sensitive environment.

Alison says, ‘The community has been very supportive,’ of the installation, adding they are pleased that a recycled local product which is both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing was used.

Moira Shire Council is another Victorian council who have been considering the benefits of recycled plastic products. As a result, they have purchased three Beachcomber Benches.

Although a new product, our Beachcombers have had no trouble asserting themselves as a comfortable, environmentally friendly and sustainable seat.

If you find yourself on the bike track along the Yarra Boulevard, Melbourne, look down as you pass under Swan Street bridge and you will notice the track has been enhanced by the addition of a 150m long recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ deck.

Mark Donnellan, Capital Works Officer with the City of Yarra, says the council supports recycling, ‘as part of a suite of things we can do to operate more sustainably and to use recycled products where appropriate’.

The council chose Enduroplank™ for its durability and longevity. Mark says they are looking forward to much, ‘less maintenance than the timber it replaced’.


The City of Casey’s Aquatic and Recreation Centre in Victoria has upgraded their car park to accommodate more visitors. The new design includes garden beds planted with native fauna to enhance the look and feel of the building.

To protect these beds, the council commissioned six swale bridges constructed from Enduroplank™ decking and capping, to allow pedestrians easy access to the centre.

Kogarah City Council, NSW, wanted to replace an old picket fence at Merriman Reserve as the existing timber was deteriorating. They wanted the traditional look of a picket fence, but were frustrated by the high maintenance costs of timber.

Replas was able to match the style and colour of the old fence with recycled-plastic pickets which are very low maintenance and will never need painting. Damien Duggan, Parks Technical Officer at the council, said he found the installation process to be easy, adding that as a result of this experience, ‘Council would look at different products Replas produce to use in the future’.


New Zealand Replas distributor Metal Art has worked with Hutt City Council on many projects over the past few years with great success. When new picnic settings were needed at Avalon Park and the Alicetown Community Centre reserve, Metal Art worked in conjunction with the council to come up with a solution. The addition of chess boards to the new recycled-plastic settings was a clever strategy to ensure these parks attract even more visitors in the future. 

‘The new tables are a great way to encourage families to spend more time at the park. Avalon is what we describe as a ‘destination park. This means it attracts people from across the Wellington region. We want amenities that will give them lots to do when they get here … the Replas table settings are ideal.’ - Judy Robb, Horticultural Manager, Hutt City Council.