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Replas Diamond Club members love a challenge and Queensland installer A.R.D. Project Group certainly had one when it came to building a staircase and boardwalk to provide easier access to the stunning Coomba Falls in Maidenwell. The brief was to replace an existing goat-track leading to the swimming hole. Not only did the steep terrain and granite cliffs present an issue, but it was also essential to preserve the protected trees in the area.

Each challenge was addressed by assessing the area and implementing a construction strategy to deliver an outstanding result. The finished structure combines the strength of a composite fibre sub-structure with the longevity and durability of recycled plastic Enduroplank™ decking. Access is improved, the environment is protected and the equivalent of 1.5 million plastic bags was saved from landfill. 


In February 2012 Rockhampton Zoo installed an all access boardwalk for the free flight aviary. Nearly 3 years on and the boardwalk is still going strong, standing up to the rigours of the typically humid weather and high rainfall levels in Central Queensland.

The Enduroplank™Decking and Composite Fibre structure is a testament to the outstanding quality of Replas recycled-plastic products. Each product is designed to last, regardless of the conditions it may be subject to. Replas provides hard-wearing, maintenance-free materials with an ethical difference.


On the water’s edge in Rye, Victoria, there has been some Replas Fitness Trails equipment installed by Garry Bos, one of Replas’ Diamond Alliance members.

Instigated by Richard Brennan, Head Ranger for the Whitecliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore, they chose this equipment because it was long-lasting and would require minimal maintenance, even in such a harsh and salty environment.

With no moving parts, this static exercise equipment allows for a full-body workout, without any moving parts that are liable to fail.

Made from a combination of recycled plastic, composite fibre and marine grade 316 stainless steel, all components of this equipment are designed to last the distance.

The community loves the new installation, with many beach goers and exercise enthusiasts incorporating the station into their regular workouts and beach runs.


The City of Victor Harbor was after a robust, long-lasting staircase with little maintenance.

Replas happily obliged with the installation of a staircase using Enduroplank™ and composite fibre.

The Enduroplank™ is a strong, timber-free option which allows easy access to the beautiful beach and to the harbour, only increasing the attraction that is the favoured holiday destination just one hour from Adelaide.

When walking through the wilderness it’s especially important to know that you are safe and in good hands, but sometimes rough terrain can turn a peaceful stroll into a nightmare. Don’t panic, there is good news on the horizon!

Located at Maidenwell in the South Burnett Region is the famous Coomba Falls swimming hole. The staircase provides access through the use of Replas’ Enduroplank™ which is supported by easy to install composite fibre.

The structure has now been in place for 15 months and looks just as good as the day it was finished.

Installed by Replas’ Diamond Club member ARD Projects, the boardwalk’s success has led to plans for a new lower section that is due to be installed early in the new year.



On budget and on time, that’s the target every project aims for. Add in a material that’s durable as well as sustainable and you have a winning combination that really hits the mark.

A stunning 56 metre pedestrian bridge across Rifle Range Creek at Bagara has just been completed by Bundaberg Council in Queensland using Enduroplank™ decking with a composite fibre sub-structure.

‘This is a fantastic and much anticipated project which has completed a missing link of our Coastal Turtle Trail,’ said Bundaberg Divisional Councillor Greg Barnes. The materials chosen are both perfect in this coastal location as they are extremely hard wearing, long lasting and will not corrode, rust, or rot—unlike many alternatives.




Two ospreys have spent the past 20 years returning to waters off Ceduna in South Australia, to breed on nests constructed by former oyster farmer Royce Hart. Having replaced the wooden structure six times, when the weather took its toll again it was decided a more durable material was needed.

Replas came to the bird’s rescue and provided composite fibre and recycled plastic which was used to create a new structure. The ospreys, nicknamed Oscar and Ophelia, come back each year to hatch their chicks and now have a nest that will last for more than forty years without the need for maintenance.

Three years ago Holdfast Bay Council approached Replas with a concept for Coast Park that included an up-market set of pedestrian structures, viewing decks and beach access pathways.

John Perkins, Project Officer Infrastructure, City of Holdfast Bay, said, ‘With this project we wanted to use products that would serve us for the long term, reducing our maintenance’.

John said, ‘This product and this project has turned out extremely well and we are happy with the material that has been used in this location’.

Recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ decking was chosen because it is sustainable and also highly durable. Composite fibre provided the perfect sub-structure as it is three times stronger than steel, one third of the weight and doesn't corrode in a high-salinity environment.

The first stage of this boardwalk alone has saved the equivalent of 2.1 million plastic bags from landfill.


A revisit to the boardwalk at Lennox Point, shows the beach pathway is still in pristine condition almost four years after it was installed. A plaque on the staircase commemorates Ron (Shorty) Connors who according to local legend was the heart and soul of surfing in the 60s & 70s. The long-lasting Enduroplank™ provides a fitting platform for a dedication that needs to stand the test of time.