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Cook Strait ferries in New Zealand contend with the harshest of marine conditions, and maintenance is a constant issue. So when Strait Shipping Ltd needed to refurbish seating on the outside decks of the Bluebridge ferry MV Straitsman, staff took a good look at the options before asking Replas’ New Zealand distributor Metal Art to provide the solution.

Dealing with the steel frames would be a breeze – stripping the surface coatings, regalvanising and applying a fresh new finish in the Metal Art paint shop. But the timber slats had not weathered well, and there had to be a better option. Replas recycled-plastic profiles provided the answer.

Strait Shipping chose grey 40 x 90 mm Replas slats for their refurbished Straitsman seats. Combined with the company’s blue on the frames, they look amazing. ‘Recycled plastic seating was new to us,’ says Steve Blom, Acting Marine Safety Manager, ‘and we’re very pleased with the result.’

Passengers on the Straitsman will enjoy the ship’s new seating for years to come. Unlike the timber that went before it, the recycled plastic will not split or rot, and will never need painting. Just the all-weather ticket on the Wellington – Picton run.