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Apex Park in top shape

An Enduroplank™ walkway on the bridge at Apex Park in Townsville was installed three years ago. A recent inspection showed the recycled-plastic decking was the perfect choice as it is still in tip-top condition.

In the same park they have used recycled-plastic profile as garden edging which provides a long-lasting divide between the garden bed and grass area.


The green, green parks of Townsville

The rolling green parkland at Pallarenda in Townsville is bounded by Replas 100 mm bollards in grey. The recycled-plastic bollards not only make a stunning barrier, but are perfect for Queensland as they are long-lasting and resistant to termites.

Protecting the bush

Townsville Council, in Queensland, have combined galvanised pipe with green 125 mm recycled-plastic bollards to create an effective and long-lasting barrier at Rowes Bay. This offers protection for the surrounding bushland as vehicle access is now restricted.

Feeling blue about the environment

It seems Townsville Council, in Queensland, are feeling blue about the environment. Replas blue recycled-plastic bollards line the path between the park and the foreshore at Rowes Bay. Installed for approximately 6 years the performance of the bollards has made the council anything but blue since they look as pristine as the day they were installed.

New boardwalk on Magnetic Island attracts attention

The stunning new 710 metre elevated walkway on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland was installed by Hutchinsons Builders. It is constructed from a combination of recycled-plastic Enduroplank decking and Replas profiles. Not only is the walkway a unique and robust structure, but the plastic contained in the materials was sourced from waste plastic collected through the community, making it an environmentally sustainable choice.


Replas gives Townsville the edge

As timber garden edging rots against the soil, particularly in the harsh Queensland climate, recycled plastic offers a real alternative. Townsville City Council chose Replas profiles to provide an easy care, low-maintenance solution that will far outlast timber.


Townsville upgrades to recycled plastic

Several timber bridges in a Townsville estate, in Queensland, were rotting and needed lots of maintenance. Townsville City Council decided a better solution was to use recycled -plastic decking combined with composite fibre. Replas spent a half a day training council staff to install the materials and installation was so successful that they have now replaced five of the deteriorated bridges.



Recycled plastic plays a part in environmental education

Rowes Bay Sustainability Education Centre in Townsville features a 250 metre boardwalk made from recycled plastic Enduroplank. The decking has also been used in combination with Replas profiles to create a seating area where student groups can gather to learn more about the environment.


Townsville on the Fitness Trail

Townsville City Council, in Queensland, has installed a new outdoor fitness circuit in Rowes Bay. The Fitness Trails equipment is designed and fabricated in Australia using recycled plastic from Replas. They are long lasting, safe and hygienic, and with no moving parts require minimal on-going maintenance.


Boardwalk attracts visitors to Magnetic Island

Gabul Way is a much anticipated walkway connecting Nelly and Geoffrey Bays on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland.

The 710 m elevated walkway made from recycled plastic, complements the island's existing 25 km walking track network and provides spectacular views over the Coral Sea.

Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said that in addition to its tourist appeal, the walkway also greatly improves public safety, which has been a long running issue on the island.