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On the water’s edge in Rye, Victoria, there has been some Replas Fitness Trails equipment installed by Garry Bos, one of Replas’ Diamond Alliance members.

Instigated by Richard Brennan, Head Ranger for the Whitecliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore, they chose this equipment because it was long-lasting and would require minimal maintenance, even in such a harsh and salty environment.

With no moving parts, this static exercise equipment allows for a full-body workout, without any moving parts that are liable to fail.

Made from a combination of recycled plastic, composite fibre and marine grade 316 stainless steel, all components of this equipment are designed to last the distance.

The community loves the new installation, with many beach goers and exercise enthusiasts incorporating the station into their regular workouts and beach runs.


St Peters Lutheran school in Blackwood, South Australia, chose to install a Junior School Exersite from Replas which is specifically designed for primary school children to provide a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise experience. The equipment and signage are made from durable recycled-plastic. This not only reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill, but also creates a durable product which will not rot, crack or splinter.

After excavating the area, Replas garden panels were used to construct a small retaining wall. Then the surface was created using recycled rubber, which not only ensures the entire installation is sustainable, but also sends a strong message to the school community about the importance of recycling and using products made from recycled materials.

The school is very pleased with the final product which students can use for PE classes, but it has also proved to be a very popular area of the playground during break times.



The latest addition to the Morris Williams Reserve in Bulleen, Victoria, is a range of outdoor fitness equipment from Replas. Manningham Council, who installed the equipment, found the process easy and the result now greatly adds to the amenity of the reserve.

Outdoor exercise equipment provides an opportunity for self-guided exercise and is a lasting investment for the reserve. The equipment, constructed from recycled plastic, is not only safe and hygienic, but with no moving parts requires minimal on-going maintenance.

Neil Gray, Director of Fitness Trails®, looks on while Matthew follows the self- guided system at the Replas Environmental Centre (REC). The fitness equipment allows for a complete workout and with no moving parts it requires minimal on-going maintenance. Fabricated from recycled-plastic materials, Fitness Trails® exercise systems are not only strong and durable, but also offer an outdoor exercise solution that takes care of the environment as well as our health.

If you would like to learn more about sustainable solutions or wish to view the Fitness Trails® equipment call 1800 REPLAS, or visit the our website to organise a visit to the REC . The centre features over 200 recycled-plastic products that offer an environmentally- friendly alternative to traditional materials.

The City of Melbourne installed four Fitness Trails® exercise stations at Princes Park, Parkville. The four clusters of self-guided equipment feature high-quality graphic instructions which allow for use with, or without, supervision. According to Stuart Nicoll, Project Manager, Melbourne City Council, they were pleased that the signage could be, ‘adapted and reproduced to suit Council's park signage suite design’. 
‘The supplier of the recycled plastic equipment, Replas, was well organised in the supply, packing and delivery of the equipment. The accompanying tailored, documentation supplied by Fitness Trails for the set out and erection of the fitness equipment, made for an easy and trouble free installation by local contractors. I have no hesitation in recommending Fitness Trails for similar projects.’ - Stuart Nicoll, Project Manager, Melbourne City Council.

Lilydale Lake, in Victoria, now features an excellent outdoor exercise facility in this scenic location. Rod Woolley, Play Space and Assets Supervisor, Yarra Ranges Council, said the council has a commitment to the environment and this was a major factor in choosing to install Fitness Trails® stations at six different locations throughout the park and surrounding areas.

According to Rod they have been, ‘surprised by the amount of use that the facility has got, ‘ listing local footy and fitness groups that make regular use of the equipment as well as general passers-by’.


We all know the benefit of exercising and now with the range of exercise stations from Fitness Trails® there’s an easy and cost-effective way to exercise while having fun outdoors. Councils and schools around the country are realising the benefit of providing free outdoor exercise equipment—and Australians are loving it!

Busselton, WA—this self-guided system in this picturesque location, allows for use with, or without, supervision.


Robe, SA—locals are delighted with the newly installed Fitness Trail® in the Robe Street Recreation Park. The park also features several recycled-plastic settings—for those who prefer to take it easy. ‘The equipment has been a tremendous success. It is being used by various groups, and some young mums are out there before the sun rises and again after work most days.’ Cr Jenny Matthews, District Council of Robe.


The City of Canterbury, NSW—selected a Separated Exersite™: four stations each containing different ranges of exercise equipment. ‘The Separated Exersite™ was carefully chosen because of its durability, ease of use, appeal to a diverse range of users, and previous success by other councils and schools’. The Mayor of the City of Canterbury, Cr Robert Furolo MP


To raise awareness of global warming Townsville rotary clubs challenged primary school students to collect points for their school by participating in activities such as turning off lights and appliances, and having shorter showers. The initiative won the Rotary Club of Thuringowa Central, a prize in the Australian Women’s Weekly Environmental Heroes competition which they donated towards an Exersite™ fitness station for the winners—Kirwan State School.

Fitness stations are not only a fun self-guided way to exercise, but as they are made from recycled plastic they are another great way to save the planet.

The team at Hackham South Primary School in Adelaide, SA, is committed to playing a part in building an environmentally-sustainable future and has installed plenty of Replas recycled-plastic products over the past few years, including furniture, signage, retaining panels, fitness trails and a bridge. The school has been a big advocate for the use of recycled-plastic alternatives to traditional materials and recently circulated a brochure to the local community promoting the fact that due to its environmentally friendly product choices, it has helped to divert nearly 8500 kilos of waste from landfill.