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Surfing the environmental wave

National surfing Reserves are ‘iconic’ places of intrinsic environmental, heritage, sporting and cultural value to a nation. NSR is an organisation that recognises and dedicates surfing sites throughout Australia. The natural and rugged section of coast between Red Bluff and the Murchison River mouth in Western Australia is an area that is surfed and enjoyed by all. The aim of this reserve is to keep this unique area in its present form for all future generations.

The site of this dedication is marked by two recycled-plastic surfboard shaped seats from Replas. These sustainable Beachcomber seats are a perfect complement to this site as they are environmentally-friendly and will last beautifully in this harsh coastal location.


Murchison hooks an environmental solution

The mouth of the Murchison River is a much loved spot for Kalbarri locals to fish. The Shire of Northampton has now provided the perfect spot to cast a line in safety with the addition of a new platform made from recycled plastic and composite fibre. This timber free structure is perfect in this location as it is resistant to moisture and microorganisms and will not rot, crack or split.


Child's play

North Mandurah Primary School in WA purchased a combination of black and grey recycled-plastic garden panels to surround their play equipment.

Nathan Hughes, Deputy Principal at the school said they chose Replas because there were, ‘No other sensible options’. According to Nathan, as well as retaining the sand effectively, the panels provide, ‘a softer and more long lasting method than bricks and limestone blocks’.

The last adventure

This picturesque view at Kalbarri was one that Robert Curic of Reefwalker Adventure Tours viewed every morning. He would scan the Indian Ocean so that he could take his customers whale watching to the best spots. Now there is a lasting reminder of Robert at this scenic spot and a plaque in the recycled-plastic Beachcomber Seat which reminds us all of the amazing adventure that was his life.

Playground pair

Eight years ago the Shire of Northampton, in Western Australia, installed a Premier Setting and Kakadu Seat. at the playground on the beach at Horrocks. Today, they still add a splash of colour to this coastal location and look as good as the day they were installed.

Island living

Cocos Islands is a territory of Australia, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Christmas Island. In the early months of the year cyclones can occur. In these harsh conditions the timber on a local jetty wasn’t lasting. Replacing the timber with recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ has produced a stunning result that will withstand the exposed environment without any problems.

Playing around

The City of Busselton in Western Australia has chosen to use Replas recycled-plastic benches and settings to complete the new playing fields at Dunsborough. The furniture is a bright and sturdy addition to the site of the new oval and will provide some tough opposition to all weather conditions.


Under the shade of a Goomalling Tree

Step off the train in Goomalling, Western Australia, and you can take in the beauty of the Central Wheat Belt area all from the comfort of recycled-plastic Lyrebird benches fitted around a beautiful old Gum tree.

Rottnest Island says no to maintenance

In a cosy little shelter overlooking Thomson Bay on Rottnest Island in WA, sits 12 recycled-plastic Kookaburra benches. Not only do they provide a fabulous BBQ area, but they will never need sanding or painting as they are virtually maintenance free and will outlast timber by decades.

Recycling is king at Rottnest Island

On Rottnest Island all waste is collected and transported back to the mainland. According to the Rottnest Island Authority this is the most environmentally and economically sustainable option for waste generated on the island and ensures the pristine environment is conserved.

Almost 10 years ago environmentally-friendly bins surrounds were installed. The surrounds are made from recycled plastic and not only helped save plastic from going to landfill, but also still look perfect a decade later.