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Werribee jetty gets a revamp

The Werribee South Foreshore is an ideal sport for a family day out or a simple place to relax. The facilities and activities include boating, canoeing, kayaking and jet skiing. You can choose to enjoy a barbecue or a picnic at the beach, have the kids play on the playground or or walk the various trails. Regardless, the newly improved area has lots to offer.

Most recently the foot of the Werribee Jetty was landscaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing infrastructure. Replas not only provided an access ramp which advanced the appearance of the area, but also reduced future maintenance costs.

The Wyndham City Council chose to install a Replas Enduroplank™ and composite fibre solution to complete a low-maintenance, long-lasting structure. The thriving area has never looked better and the jetty has never been more accessible.

Wheel protect you

Sanctuary Lakes Werribee Shopping Centre was revamped in 2012 to include a brand new car park.

The car park features Replas' recycled-plastic Wheel Stops which have continued to protect the surrounding garden beds, pathways and vehicles from damage.

Replas' Wheel Stops are evidently long-lasting and durable. They provide a light-weight but tough alternative to concrete stops.


Wyndham on track with new staircase

BMX bike riders in the City of Wyndham are now enjoying an upgraded BMX Track at Werribee, Victoria.

As part of the improvements a recycled-plastic staircase has been installed, which makes it easier for race officials to get to the top of the start ramp.

Ramani Dorairaj, from Wyndham City council said they ‘wanted to try using an alternative material from the usual timber/concrete stairs’. Council also wanted to use recycled/sustainable materials and thus be more environmentally friendly. Adding that as a result of this experience they would definitely be keen to use Replas products again.