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This expression has become the Replas motto, when we recommend products from our range to replace rotten and damaged timber signage, outdoor furniture, traffic control products and decking.

Pictured here is the recently refurbished boardwalk at the beautiful Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve in the Northern Territory. The existing wooden structure had become unsafe due to its exposure to damp conditions during the wet season, and required urgent replacing. Rather than replace the timber decking with more timber, the NT Parks and Wildlife Service sensibly decided to invest in a recycled‐plastic boardwalk.

Recycled‐plastic will last for more than 40 years without maintenance and won’t split or rot, making it the perfect choice for these extreme conditions.

At 1.2 kilometres long, the boardwalk is Australia’s longest recycled‐plastic structure, winding its way through a variety of habitats, including monsoon and paperbark forests.


The Parks and Wildlife Service in the Northern Territory develops and manages more than 90 parks and reserves, specifically for conservation and nature-based recreation and tourism.

Recently, the Parks and Wildlife Service selected Replas’ round-topped recycled-plastic bollards as their preferred bollard for the region. As termites are a huge problem in the Northern Territory, traditional wooden bollards are only a short-term solution.

Replas is proud to supply the area with a low-maintenance, termite-free solution.


Elevated bike path bridge                                                    Removable drop-down bollards
West McDonnell National Park, NT.                                  Redbank Gorge campground, NT.

Proving no terrain is too tough for a Replas product, these amazing photos show a diverse range of applications. From the heat of the desert, to the humidity of the tropics, Replas recycled plastic can handle it all.
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‘I was looking for a product that was low maintenance, long-lasting and would withstand the harsh conditions of the tropics. Replas was able to arrange for delivery from one side of Australia to the other. Installation only required spacing and attaching end capping to the planks, a job I was able to undertake myself. What great service.’  Ian Hunter, home handyman, Northern Territory.

The Department of Construction and Infrastructure in Alice Springs has used recycled-plastic bollards to fix a maintenance problem at the side of the Alice Springs Court House.

What was a place for abandoned shopping trolleys and other refuse is now a well-managed space.

Why pay more for timber bollards?

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