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That's not a path, this is a path

Unless you’re Crocodile Dundee there are two things you have to remember when walking through Simpson’s Gap in the West Macdonnell National Park, Northern Territory: Stick to the bike path and you’re not Crocodile Dundee.

Needing repair, the bike path and bridge have been upgraded using Replas’ Enduroplank™, which is made from recycled plastic rather than materials that are detrimental to the environment. Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Minster Karl Hampton said, ‘Here at Simpson’s Gap repairs and upgrades to the Bike Path Bridge are now complete, leaving us a safer bridge for riders and a great natural aesthetic. Every year more than 120,000 people visit the magnificent West MacDonnell National Park, and by investing in our parks we are able to ensure visitors have a unique experience while we protect our environment.’

Using environmentally friendly and sturdy products like Enduroplank™ to maintain the bike path and bridge, has ensured that beauties like the West Macdonnell National Park can continue to be enjoyed without causing damage to the environment or risking a hiker stumbling across a crocodile.

We're taking the test

The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service are evaluating the performance of a brown Replas Plank sign at the Arid Zone Research Institute. Recycled plastic products are used in many territory park areas and after three years testing the sign has shown it can cope well with the extremes of Central Australia, looking as good as the day it was installed.

Enduroplank™ boat ramp wins engineering award

A new boat ramp and jetty facility at Palmerston in the Northern Territory looks stunning due to the use of brown Enduroplank™ recycled-plastic decking. The structure received the President’s Award from the Northern Territory chapter of Engineers Australia for its innovative design.


Attached to our bollards?

Removable bollards at the Palmerston fishing jetty in the Northern Territory allow for occasional vehicle access for maintenance purposes. Replas Bollard Sleeves are made from galvanised steel and have a flap and locking pin which allows the bollards to be easily removed for vehicle access or locked in place to create a barrier. Hinged Bollard Sleeves which retract to allow the bollard to lie flat are also available.

When green means 'green'

On the outskirts of Palmerston in the top end of the Northern Territory, Replas 125 mm square green bollards have been used to great effect to define a pathway and restrict vehicle access near a major roadway. Not only do they blend in beautifully with the landscape, but as they are made from waste plastic they also provide a truly 'green' solution.

Make a path for Mindil Beach

Hundreds of people crowd Mindil Beach, in Darwin, to watch the spectacular sunsets and enjoy the famous Mindil Beach Markets. Accessing the beach through the dunes is now made easy with Enduroplank floating pathways from Replas. These pathways also helps protect the sand dunes and the surrounding vegetation.


On guard

Replas yellow speed humps proudly guard the entrance to the Alice Springs Hospital car park. Recycled-plastic speed humps are light enough to be installed by one person without the use of lifting equipment, yet provide a tough long-lasting solution.


No termites for this Territory

The Northern Territory Government have used the Replas 145 mm square bollard extensively throughout the Territory. From tourist attractions, to roadways and car parks around government facilities. At the Arid Zone Research Institute in Alice Springs these long-lasting bollards line the driveway beautifully and as a bonus are resistant to termites.

Training in profile

The Centre for Appropriate Technology campus in Alice Springs is a not for profit organisation providing skills training for indigenous people. The Centre has incorporated Replas recycled materials in a number of skills teaching projects. Replas profiles have been used in seating located around the campus grounds.

Down the line

The Old Telegraph Station at Alice Springs is a major tourist attraction in the town. Replas 145 mm bollards have been used extensively to line the roadways and define car parks in the vicinity of the Telegraph Station.