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Enduroplank™ still going strong

Kapiti Coast District Council installed an Enduroplank™ beach access way at Otaki, New Zealand, in 2011. Since then, the council has been keeping a close eye on its performance. Three years on the structure and the quality of the walkway is as good as the day of its installation, surviving all weather. When the council decided to upgrade their public beach access down the coast at Waikanae they had no hesitation in choosing Replas' tried and tested Enduroplank™.

Residents and visitors of the popular west coast beaches no longer have to trek, with difficulty, through the dunes to get to the water. Those with walking difficulties can now get to the beach without complication. At two locations along the foreshore, brown Enduroplank™ planking has been laid to allow easy access from the nearby car parks.

The original pristine Otaki grey structure continues to flourish despite its age. The Kapiti Coast now has a total of 92 lineal metres of strong Enduroplank™ laid, including the Replas profiles utilised to support it. That's approximately 6300 kg of plastic waste saved from landfill. Just think of all of the plastic bags saved in New Zealand, recycled and reinvented to create a long-term sustainable beach access.


Modifying product to meet your needs

Despite various products in the outdoor furniture market, sometimes you just can't find something which fulfils all of your specific requirements. Customised design and manufacturing, whilst a viable option, can be relatively expensive. Replas recycled-plastic can be modified to your needs, ultimately creating the perfect, unique product to benefit the area.

Far North District Council wanted to install some Maritime bollards in Paihia, New Zealand, but required a more emphasised maritime theme to suit the laid-back, island setting. The job required a row of posts supporting a continuous stretch of chain, which meant drilling the the quantity required to specification. Replas was more than happy to oblige, creating a modified product that the council and the community could be proud of.

Recycled-plastic is made for modification and can be re-worked in the same manner as timber but with the added low-maintenance benefit. These bollards won't split, splinter or rot. The visual barrier will remain its colour and quality for years to come without ever needing painting. If you're struggling to find the outdoor furniture you're after, a chat to Replas could create an incredible solution with a positive impact on the environment.

Students safe at Adventure School

At a primary school where children are constantly running around, safety is of upmost importance. At the Adventure Primary School in Whitby, New Zealand, new Replas' speed humps have been installed. This has greatly reduced the hazard of using the busy school driveway and car park and keeps drivers alert. Parents, staff and visitors can now easily observe and abide by the speed restrictions in place.

Easily installed over layers of bitumen and concrete, the bright yellow recycled-plastic speed humps refuse to be missed. Adventure School staff and community can now be more relaxed about the danger of vehicles on school grounds. The robust humps will withstand for a long time to come, keeping your children safe.

Safe beach access for all

Enduroplank™ beach access was installed at Otaki back in 2011. Since then, Kapiti Coast District Council has been keeping an eye on how the product is fairing. Three years on the structure is still impeccable, despite the weather it's been subject to. When the council decided to improve public beach access down the coast at Waikanae, reliable Replas was the first choice.

Visitors of the west coast beaches no longer have to trek through the dunes to get there. At two spots on the foreshore, the Enduroplank™ allows easy access to the car parks. The original structure continues to look brand new, proving the longevity of recycled-plastic. The Kapiti Coast has saved 540 kilograms of plastic waste from landfill. These unique sustainable access points will be around for the long-term.


A vote for recycled plastic

Having stood for the seat in Hutt South for a seventh time, New Zealand MP Trevor Mallard is expected to hold the seat once the final votes are in. Despite 3900 special votes still needing to be counted before he can declare victory Trevor couldn't wipe the smile off his face when he took some time out for coffee the morning after the election.

The reason for his smile? Could it have been the winning combination of freshly ground coffee at Ripe Café and the vibrant table settings made from recycled plastic. The furniture, supplied by the team at Metal Art Ltd, is attractive, highly durable, and when it comes to maintenance will stand unopposed in this electorate for many years to come.

Espresso al fresco on a capital day

Patrons of Ripe Boulcott Street Espresso Bar in downtown Wellington can enjoy their coffees while knowing they are helping the environment too. The cafe recently installed seating that we produced to order, using multi-coloured recycled plastic slats on our strong and sturdy architectural furniture steel framing.

Every day at Boulcott Street the staff fill an 80 litre bin with empty milk bottles and other recyclable materials. So for sustainability-conscious Ripe Coffee Company, the use of our Replas product was a community-conscious decision as well as being a practical one. Here’s a classic example of how as a society we can beneficially ‘close the loop’ on the recycling process.

Image: Replas recycled plastic slats on Metal Art table & bench frames

Tight budget clever solution

When the playground equipment at Korokoro School in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, fell into disrepair, the Board of Trustees needed a solution that wouldn't mean years of fundraising.

Metal Art—the New Zealand distributor for Replas—came to the rescue with a refurbishment that included using recycled-plastic components to replace split and rotting timber.

'Over the course of the school holidays, our pupils effectively got a new playground,’ says Principal Martin Hookham. ‘What's more, for the school community it came at a small fraction of the cost of replacement.’

 Before  After

Before                                                                               After

Enduroplank™ bridges the walkway gap

After decades of being synonymous with Auckland's wastewater treatment Puketutu Island in Auckland, New Zealand, is now a place people want to visit.

As part of the redevelopment of the area, Watercare Services Ltd chose recycled-plastic to create bench seating and used Enduroplank™ decking to bridge a spillway for the convenience of cyclists and walkers along the Manukau Coastal walkway.

By using recycled plastic on the project, Watercare has saved the equivalent of 658,000 plastic bags from ending up in landfill.  


Fieldays attracts thousands of visitors

The largest agricultural show in the Southern Hemisphere kicked off to a rainy start on June 11th and will run until June 14th. Annually held at Mystery Creek Events Centre, New Zealand, last year the event drew over 120,000 visitors to the area.


New beach access for Waikanae

Kapiti Coast District Council wanted to provide a safer, more easily maintained and sustainable alternative to their existing timber/gravel access ramp at Waikanae beach, in New Zealand. The new pathway is almost twice as long as the previous path, thereby reducing the gradient and making the beach more accessible.

Replas’ New Zealand distributor, Metal Art Ltd, worked with Diamond Club contractor Ashplundh Ltd to remove the existing structure, re-route the pathway and then supply and install recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ decking from Replas to create the perfect beach access.