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The stunning views at Woolshed Falls, in Beechworth, called for an equally stunning lookout platform.

The previous timber platform had been in place about ten years and had begun to rot and split. Parks Victoria realised they needed an alternative to timber.

As they are committed to using recycled products where practicable, they chose to install an Enduroplank™ deck.

They found this was also a cheaper solution than using galvanised metal grid style of decking. John Mc Donald, Senior Ranger with Parks Victoria says they are now, ‘looking forward to less ongoing maintenance by using the plastic product’.

John also says, ‘he has been surprised by the wide range of Replas products,’ recently purchasing several plastic picnic tables for other projects in the park.

When the timber decking at the lookout at Royal Park in Tasmania needed replacing, Launceston City Council wanted to find a more sustainable solution. The forward thinking Parks team decided recycled plastic was the answer.

The longevity of Enduroplank™ will ensure that the decking looks as stunning as the views of the beautiful Tamar River for many years to come.