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Launceston leads the way

Launceston City Council are the first in Tasmania to install a bridge made from Enduroplank™ and composite fibre. This wood free structure is not only sustainable, but offers superior strength and durability when compared with traditional materials.


Protecting our trees

Launceston City Council in Tasmania chose Replas Wheel Stops to protect the trees in a local streetscape. They decided on grey, as it contrasts beautifully with the fresh asphalt and offers the trees protection from vehicles in the street.

Launceston City Council bridges the gap

Due to the fact that Enduroplank™ is extremely low maintenance, Launceston City Council, in Tasmania, chose the recycled-plastic decking to complete a new bridge in Youngtown.

Wagners CFT and sub-contractor BridgePro assembled and installed the bridge which features a composite fibre sub-surface. Installation was hassle free and the bridge will now provide a long-lasting and maintenance-free structure.



River Views

The Launceston City Council in Tasmania, recently unveiled a new viewing deck on the Tamar River which features an Enduroplank™ recycled-plastic deck. Taking pride of place on the deck is a Beachcomber seat which was custom designed by Replas for the Lions Club of Riverside.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said, ‘Council officers wanted something that would be long-lasting durable. As a council we try to encourage the use of recyclables wherever possible, so this seat and decking were a perfect choice’.

‘Royal’ approval for Enduroplank™

When the timber decking at the lookout at Royal Park in Tasmania needed replacing, Launceston City Council wanted to find a more sustainable solution. The forward thinking Parks team decided recycled plastic was the answer.

The longevity of Enduroplank™ will ensure that the decking looks as stunning as the views of the beautiful Tamar River for many years to come.