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Beneath a boardwalk outside Newcastle, a large recycled-plastic profile acts as a support bearer. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service used the 225 mm x 320 mm in a 7 metre length. The recycled-plastic is particularly well suited for coastal areas due to its resistance to salt water.

The large profiles are longer lasting than wood, promising not to rot, shrink or warp, remaining resistant to marine organisms. This particular profile has saved an astonishing total of 113,750 plastic bags from landfill.

Wobby Beach, on the Hawkesbury River in NSW, is an area only accessible by water. One clever homeowner has used Replas large profiles as wharf fenders to prevent damage to boats tied up the jetty. Recycled plastic is perfect for this application as it will not rot, or crack and is resistant to microorganisms.


Rocky Cape Conservation Reserve is located on the picturesque North Coast of Tasmania. Popular for swimming and boating, the area is idyllic on a nice day, but it also experiences extreme conditions. As well as wild weather, tide fluctuations mean the boat ramp is submerged on a daily basis. Over five years ago Replas recycled-plastic fenders were installed. The large profiles have taken all that Bass Strait has thrown at them and survived to tell the tale in perfect condition.


The Dawn Fraser Baths in Balmain, Sydney, replaced the old timber fenders with recycled plastic large profiles in 2007 Apart from the fact that recycled plastic will last so much longer, the team loves how easy it is to keep clean.

Cleaning takes place monthly during full moon low tide using a scrapper and high powered pressure washer. According to Andrew Beamer, Manager, Dawn Fraser Baths the recycled plastic is, ‘Easier to clean than the material in there before. The end result is really good’.


Inspired by an article they had seen in a previous edition of Recycled Plastic News, Sam Fenney and Wayne Mason from Sorell Council, in Tasmania,  found a novel use for our large profiles when they decided to incorporate them into a fence they were designing for the newly renovated Pioneer Park.

They wanted a solution that was sustainable, long lasting and low-maintenance, but which also looked good. The council had previously used recycled-plastic bollards, from Replas, to define walkways and garden beds in areas which have a harsh marine environment. As a re

The large profiles were mounted horizontally to achieve the striking ranch-style fence. The park was further complemented by recycled-plastic bollards along paths and flowerbeds with recycled-plastic wheel-stops used in the car parks.sult of this experience Sam and Wayne were confident that recycled plastic was the right choice for them.

'I am very impressed with Replas’ products. It is exciting to see plastic waste benefiting the community and is great to be supporting a company that is diverting waste from landfill while saving trees, energy and other natural resources’, Cr Carmel Torenius, Mayor of Sorell Council.

Replas recycled-plastic large profiles are ideal for use as fenders at waterfront locations throughout Australia. They have been created by one of the largest injection moulders, capable of producing high-quality recycled-plastic marine components at an affordable price. The profiles can be made up to a weight of 550 kg, in a range of rectangular sections and have a life expectancy of more than 40 years.