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Are Our Products Fully Recyclable?

Yes, Replas products are fully recyclable, in fact the off-cuts or broken parts are an excellent ingredient to add back into the mix.

Off-cuts, damaged goods and alike can be sent back to us, melted down and used to create more sustainable products to be re-distributed back into the community. Products that reach the end of their long shelf life are also encouraged to be sent back to us to then start the cycle again.

For more information please view the following blogs on up-cycling:

How Easy is it to Ignite/Set Alight?

Recycled-plastic is harder to ignite than hardwood timber and if it does get set alight it’s typically ignited by other fuel or debris.

Is it Easier than Wood to Clean?

Recycled-plastic is much easier than wood to clean, a citrus based cleaning wash will suffice or a bleach can be used to get rid of mould.

Is Graffiti Easy to Remove?

Different variables in the environment affect the ease in which graffiti can be removed, like all materials newer graffiti is easier to remove from surfaces. If you are looking for a solution talk to your Rep about a Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Does it Get Hot?

Like all other materials, recycled-plastic will heat up when in extreme conditions. The lighter the colour of the product, the less the heat will be absorbed.

How Long Does It Last?

Our Recycled-plastic products will last 40 years + as they don’t split, rot or crack like other materials such as wood.

Can You Paint the Products?

It is not necessary to paint our products as they are rich in colour and require little to no maintenance. We also advise against painting recycled-plastic as our product will expand and contract.

Does it Fade?

All our products are now made with UV stabilisers which will protect the recycled-plastic from sun damage. Typically, our products will fade a lot less over time than other traditional materials.