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Woolworths Installs Recycled Plastic Seats All Across Australia

More seats are being installed at Woolworths all across Australia containing the soft plastics collected through the RedCycle Program. When customers drop off their recycled soft plastic in the Red Cycle bin, it is then collected by Replas and made into recycled plastic seating! Woolworths is determined to ‘Close the Loop’ by driving the demand for recycled plastic products through their purchases of the Kingfisher Seats.

Woolworths Moama, New South Wales, received their Replas recycled plastic seat containing soft plastic collected from that store! The staff at the Moama store are very excited about the arrival of the seat and having it on display for all to see. Now when customers sit down at this seat, staff can tell them the process of what the seat means.

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Appex Park Picnic Settings Lasting The Environment at Sand Bar

Cureton Avenue in Mildura is home to Apex Park Sand Bar, pleasant bush lands filled with flora and fauna along to relaxing atmosphere. Along this Sand Bar you will find Replas recycled plastic picnic settings, Premier Settings, both in ground and free standing. Along the Chaffey Bend the durable, long lasting Premier Settings are stabled by concrete from the free standing. Replas’ recycled-plastic Premier Setting offers greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. The setting comes in a choice of slat widths depending on style preference and can be adapted to allow wheelchair access.

Premier tables and benches are available in your choice of four recycled-plastic slat colours, and three lengths. Unlike other outdoor furniture which may need constant maintenance, these recycled-plastic tables and benches will not split, splinter or crack and never need painting. A great addition to the Apex Park Sand Bar along the Murray River in Mildura that will last the weather conditions and countless visitors.

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Blandowski Walk In Merbein Looks Good As New 3 Years Later

Nestled in Chaffey Trail, the 46 metre staircase popularly known as Blandowski Walk was constructed from recycled-plastic signage, furniture, and Enduroplank™ decking with a composite fibre sub-structure, offering exquisite views over the surrounding cliffs. Completed back in 2015, this lookout has provided many visitors with fantastic views that follow the river from Merbein through to the Riverside Golf Course.

When starting on this walk, you will see Replas signage saying, “these stairs and viewing platforms are constructed from Replas Enduroplank™ with a composite fibre sub-structure. Plastic waste collected throughout the community was used to create the recycled-plastic decking. Replas products are long lasing, low-maintenance, and help reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill.” The boardwalk material is made from Replas Enduroplank™, a sturdy long lasting and virtually maintenance free decking product that provides an ethical alternative to timber. After walking up the 30 metres of the Enduroplank™ boardwalk, take a sat at the top with a recycled plastic furniture piece, the Kimberley Seat. The Kimberley Seat features an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort. It will not split, crack, or ever need painting, making it an ideal option for Blandowski Walk.

The Mildura Rural City Council needed to be conscious of the natural environment on site and to keep within a strict footprint. And they did just that! All of the aspects of Replas recycled plastic products make it the perfect fit, and have proven to stand the test of time, and for many more years to come at Blandowski Walk!

William Blandowski was a Victorian Government Zoologist who established a camp at “Chaffey Landing” at the bottom of the Merbein cliffs, in 1857. With the help of the local Nyeri Nyeri people Blandowski studied our local wildlife and collected over 17,000 specimens for the Museum of Natural History in Melbourne.”

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Albert Park’s Quality Products for The Community

“Albert Park enjoys riverside access and is located in Casino,” explains Richmond Valley Council. This park features a rugby union clubhouse, elevated hills to sit and view the games, also extending to many other football fields. An area that is packed with sporting facilities and community members every week, Richmond Valley Council needed products that will be durable enough to last the many years to come. Underneath the Lions Club picnic shelter lies multiple Replas Premier Settings made from recycled plastic!

The durability and low maintenance of the recycled plastic settings gives Richmond Valley Council the longevity of products that will out stand the very busy area of Albert Park. The Replas Premier Settings offers greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. The use of a galvanised steel frame means that only two posts are required to support the benches and table. Also, unlike other outdoor furniture which may need constant maintenance, these recycled-plastic tables and benches will not split, splinter, or crack, and never need painting. Because of the many attractive features of the recycled plastic Premier Settings, Richmond Valley Council knew these products were the perfect fit.

“Albert Park was named in honour of Albert John Cockerill DSO, born in Casino 27th August 1923. Awarded the Distinguished Service Order in recognition of his bravery while serving in the RAAF during World War II as a Halifax bomber pilot with Bomber Command.”


Recycled Plastic Lyrebird Bench Makes The Perfect Rest Stop

The famous Castle Hill Goat Track is well worn and easily identified as short but steep, with 1,300 steps to the top. Father and daughter, Max and Heather, along with their dog Rex, are just two of the hundreds of people who do this challenging walk everyday. Max and Heather regularly walk the Goat Track at Castle Hill and always have a rest stop on the Replas recycled plastic Lyrebird bench. And until now, they had no idea their favourite pit stop was made from recycled plastic material from Replas. Townsville City Council have recently upgraded the Castle Hill walking track installing half a dozen new Lyrebird benches to match the others they have scattered around.

The recycled plastic material fits perfectly in the surrounding environment, the durability and low maintenance aspects of a recycled plastic bench from Replas gives the council and walkers reliable furniture to last the many hikes done and to be done! Having plastic made into a rest stop on the Castle Hill Goat Track is the kind of environmentally friendly and sustainable product that will make this walking track last for many years to come.


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Recycled Plastic Decking Enduroplank™ Replaces Old Timber

Sea food restaurant, Hamiltons, in Tuncurry NSW have installed recycled plastic Enduroplank™ from Replas. Because the old timber did not survive, the durability of recycled plastic products around salt water and harsh environments is the perfect fit for this area on the central coast. The walking area between the docked boats have been revamped for safety reasons. Pedestrians and visitors no longer have to worry about a rotting, cracking, or splitting timber that is unsafe to walk on. The Enduroplank™ consists of 195 mm x 55 mm and other various lengths Replas can offer customers. The lengths of the boards along with the minimal maintenance and easy installation will give this board walk a long life on the Hamiltons property for many visitors to enjoy!

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