Getting onside with recycled plastic

In the beautiful coastal town of Terrigal, NSW you will find a place that’s perfectly named: The Haven. There, set alongside the Terrigal lagoon with spectacular views over the ocean, sits a rugby union field that’s home to the Terrigal Trojans.

This field is at the mercy of mother nature as well as the foot traffic of passionate rugby fans and tourists. So it has been surrounded by 125 mm recycled plastic bollards, fixtures that blend into the natural beauty of the place while being durable enough to withstand the harsh winds and weather. Sandstone blocks have been used in some areas to enhance the area both functionally and decoratively, working well with the Replas bollards. In fact the two contrasting products complement each other perfectly.


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Reflecting on the art of parking

Outside the Waipukurau Library in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, recycled plastic 100 mm bollards have been installed to protect a row of meter boxes. With the library open late some evenings, the bollards needed to be clearly visible to drivers of parking vehicles day and night. That was achieved by placing a pair of red reflectors on each bollard, making them clearly visible from all angles.

The basic but durable 100 mm Replas bollard is an economic alternative to timber and steel. As demonstrated here, it is easily fitted with accessories to suit the location and purpose.

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Take a Kimberley at the bus stop

In the Wellington, New Zealand seaside suburb of Seatoun, the council has fitted a recycled plastic Kimberley seat at a local suburban bus stop. Looking a little lonely out on the footpath, the new in-ground fixed seat nevertheless is a welcome sight to commuters, schoolchildren and shoppers when they need to wait for the bus to town.

This is the first piece of Replas furniture to go into this part of the city. Judging by the feedback from bus passengers it won’t be the last, as Seatoun catches on and rides the recycled plastic wave.

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Bollards that can take the heat

The geothermal environment of New Zealand’s Volcanic Plateau is destructive to building materials. So when recycled plastic was suggested as an alternative to timber and steel bollards, local authorities were understandably wary. A two-year trial was called for, and Replas products passed the test in every way. Now the first significant recycled plastic installation in the region is complete, with 200 125 x 120 mm black bollards placed in and around the Kawerau Skate Park.

In contrast to timber bollards that need to be replaced far too regularly for ratepayer pockets, Replas bollards can be expected to take the heat and the sulphurous ground and air conditions for many years to come.

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Memorial seats for enduring memories

At Forster Beach, NSW a set of ultra-modern, curved-back Kimberley seats has been installed by Mid-Coast Council. These seats were purchased by local residents in remembrance of loved ones who have passed away, with  memorial plaques attached in recognition.


For future council budgets the selection of recycled plastic furniture in this location is a winning one. The product’s durability will be evident in years to come as the seats stand up strongly to the harsh coastal environment. The memories of past residents will live on in these sturdy and comfortable pieces of park furniture. This is a great testament to the Forster Beach community spirit, and a project that Replas is honoured to be a part of.

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Slick & sturdy seating at Pebbly Beach

On the grass bank above Pebbly Beach, NSW stands a  Replas Premier Picnic Setting. Given the nature of the harsh costal environment in these parts, Mid-Coast Council went looking for a maintenance-free furniture solution. They decided to purchase Replas, choosing one of our most popular recycled plastic seating products, a table setting that will give beach visitors picnicking pleasure for many years to come.

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