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MCG Presentation Coordinator Collects and Recycles Thunder Sticks

There is nothing quite like going to the footy in Melbourne. The atmosphere, the passionate fans, and of course the memorabilia to show just how dedicated you are to your beloved team. However, what happens to those Thunder Sticks that kids are banging together during the game? Some might take them home, others leave them on their seats. The Melbourne Cricket Ground Venue Presentation Coordinator Vince Macolino has met with our Victoria Sales Rep Kelvin to collect the Thunder Sticks. The meeting was a positive outcome with MCG amping up their efforts to collect soft plastics to be recycled into Recycled Plastic Products from Replas.

Over time, Replas hopes to have the MCG continue this amazing initiative to make sure their soft plastics are going to the right place!

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Liverpool Welcomes Seats, Benches, Bollards, and More at Collimore Park

Collimore Park is more than just your average recreation park. Located in Liverpool, Sydney (south west) lies a large recreation park that includes netball courts, picnic areas, playground equipment and much more. This is a stand out park that has peak interest in both locals and visitors. The City of Liverpool installed unique products that will enhance all of the local and visiting resident when attending the park. Seating, benches, and heaps of bollards surround Collimore Park.

The recycled plastic products that have been installed now put ease to the City of Liverpool and the staff convenience. Recycled plastic products from Replas are not only long lasting and durable, they require little to no maintenance. With a busy city suburb, these products fit in absolutely perfectly. A great addition to the Collimore Park and residents who will enjoy!

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Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre Takes Feedback On Board; Installs Replas Profiles

Banyule City Council in Victoria have been big supporters of Replas products, the future of sustainability, and the general recycling process in their area. The Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre has newly installed Replas profiles as seats with the help of Replas Pro, SR Engineering. Craig Body, a member of the Banyule community was more than pleased with the work that was done, “[the installation was] very easy, No fuss or disruption to the business or service delivery. The staff were very friendly and efficient in the information day to day and happy to make amendments and additions in the process.”

Another amazing job completed by Replas Pro SR Engineering and Steve Rawson. Craig also said, “we have received lots of positive feedback about how great and duable the product is, particularly the cleaning factor, we were having issues with the timber cracking, chipping, and at times causing injury to patrons who would sit on it. We were lacking additional seating and particularly the design chosen has been well received. We also like the fact that some can be easily moved for convenience and some provide more a permanent setting.”

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Toorak College Introduces Replas With Replas Pro SR Engineering

After purchasing a multi-tiered decking system and a custom bench, Toorak College has not installed a range of fitness equipment for the students. Located in Mt. Eliza VIC, Replas Pro Steve Rawson a part of SR Engineering has been the leading hand when it came to installing this new equipment. Having worked with Replas on many projects before, we knew they were the right team to handle such a large job.

In total, Mt. Elliza has saved the equivalent of 508,000 plastic bags through their purchases! The various products give the students a faculty a huge sign of relief knowing that the furniture, decking, fitness equipment, and more will require the bare minimum maintenance, and last for 40+ years. With the help with Replas Pro SR Engineering and the installation of all new products, Mt. Eliza will have recycled plastic for years of students in the future. Well done to both Toorak College and SR Engineering, another victory for recycled plastic.

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Replas Seating at Belmont Croquet Club Makes a Premium Choice

Belmont Croquet Club in Victoria took action by purchasing two Kimberley Seats and has since purchased two more. An alternative to concrete and timber, this recycled plastic material was exactly what they were looking for. Impressed by the styles, colours, and finish of the seats, the committee decided then and there that they would replace the rest as they deteriorated. Robert Shinners, a committee member of the club says, ‘the seats were very easy to assemble and we have had numerous positive comments from players from other clubs who have come to Belmont for social days or competitions’.

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Supporting Our Rangers – Replas Sponsors QRA For 10th Year In A Row!

Our two QLD Sales Representatives of Replas, Steven & Darren, recently attended the 2017 Queensland Ranger Association Muster that was held on Magnetic Island. The QRA is ‘a professional body that represents the staff who manage Queensland’s protected areas.’ Rangers work to protect our national and marine parks, state forests and other reserves for future generations. These areas are a priceless part of Australia’s heritage. Which is why Replas has been a proud sponsor since the very beginning, now making it for more than 10 years!

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Replas Today

For more than 20 years the plastic recycling company has produced a range of over 200 products and has grown to become Australia’s leading plastic product manufacturers. Thus, Replas has since developed world leading technologies at our plastic recycling centre to reprocess Australia’s waste into robust recycled plastic products for outdoor use. As a result, these products offer an ethical alternative to the unnecessary use of virgin materials and provide long-lasting advantages to customers.

Even more, Replas is committed to reducing the amount of plastic currently going to landfill. Because of this, we support the community’s household recycling efforts by taking plastic waste from curbside collections and utilizing it to create products which can then be enjoyed by the community within their schools, parks and towns. Also, we are proud to partner with many Australian companies; such as Coles, who have taken responsibility for the plastic waste they create. Finally, Replas assists them in reducing their environmental impact by ensuring their plastic waste is recycled and reused within Australia.

The Future of Replas Recycled Plastic

Above all, recycling plastic not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, but it also eliminates the need to use precious natural resources. Thus, human ingenuity has produced plastic. Replas believes the same ingenuity will produce solutions to using and reusing these products in a sustainable way. In addition, by recycling a range of plastics, Replas strongly believes it is playing its part towards creating a better environment for the future.